Fares Policy

Railfuture will continue to campaign for better value and appropriate tickets for passengers (including smart ticketing) through a wide range of point of sale outlets.

  1. Encourage better fare deals for off-peak passengers to spread loading and encourage more modal switch from cars. These deals to be available through all, or most points of sale and not limited to internet access only (restricting and denying access to those without the facility or ability).
  2. Removal of RPI+ annual increases. Moving to CPI+ and eventually lower or no increases as industry efficiency increases.
  3. Removal of additional Flex in annual regulated fare increases – except for specific issues that have been the subject of consultation with relevant stakeholders in advance.
  4. Encourage and support the provision of both national and local rail cards (and/or their smart card equivalents).
  5. Seek the introduction of ‘carnet’ or part time season tickets/smart cards for those regular passengers that travel less than 5 days a week.
  6. We will argue for better information on ticketing validity and restrictions in general and, in particular, at point of sale.
  7. If a ticket is invalid for a service due to misunderstanding or other issues, its cost should be taken into account in the purchase of a valid ticket.
  8. Compensation for service disruption should be generally available for all ticket types and advertised clearly.
  9. Seek better and fairer revenue protection – ongoing pressure on ticketless travel, but providing the full range of tickets from ticket offices and train staff.

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