Membership benefits

Join Railfuture if you believe in rail transport:
  • Receive four issues per year of our national magazine Railwatch
  • Meet other members at meetings of one of our 14 local branches, which also publish local newsletters
  • Events: Invitations to Railfuture and many other events/conferences, and key dates for rail campaigners eg consultations
  • Regular Rail User Express digest of news updates from rail user groups, by email 12 times per year if you choose to subscribe
  • Receive Rail Action occasional digest of campaigning news between issues of Railwatch
  • Railfuture Lottery
  • Railfuture Annual Draw
  • ETA offer Railfuture members 25% off any road rescue product and 10% discount on all cycle insurance policies with FREE cycle rescue. ETA is a not-for-profit company, meaning that your money goes back into providing you with the best service possible and the best future for the planet. As well as encouraging responsible driving to reduce carbon, the ETA helps motorists to neutralise the effect of their annual motoring and offset the impact on global warming. ETA also funds many projects such as re-planting rainforests and providing energy-saving light bulbs to small communities in the developing world.
  • Local Transport Today fortnightly magazine offers a 30% subscription discount to Railfuture members. To subscribe contact LTT and tell them you are a Railfuture member. Phone 0845 270 7900, email subs at landor.co.uk or online via www.transportxtra.com/subscription/.
Finally, as a member of the only national independent voice for rail users you have the opportunity to join in our campaign for a modern rail network that puts the needs of passenger and freight users first - see Railfuture in the news.

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