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Future of London's Transport

Author: railwatch - Published At: Thu 15 of Feb, 2001 13:46 GMT - (2978 Reads)
One of the most influential people involved in the development of a public transport system for London will address a rail users group next week.

Rail Industry Bickers

Author: rdsnews - Published At: Thu 15 of Feb, 2001 09:34 GMT - (3730 Reads)
Rail Future is dismayed to learn that yet again the key players in delivering a better railway are bickering and passing the buck.

Steam line link

Author: railwatch - Published At: Mon 12 of Feb, 2001 15:51 GMT - (3765 Reads)
Trains may soon be able to run through to London from the North Norfolk preserved steam railway.

Free book

Author: railwatch - Published At: Sat 10 of Feb, 2001 23:40 GMT - (3627 Reads)
A to Z of Rail Reopenings. Illustrated 90 page book worth

Car of the Year

Author: railwatch - Published At: Fri 09 of Feb, 2001 11:22 GMT - (3690 Reads)
A car which uses both battery and petrol for power has been named Car of the Year by the Environmental Transport Association.

Rail freight must grow

Author: kate_tudorpole - Published At: Thu 08 of Feb, 2001 17:02 GMT - (3778 Reads)
News that Britain's biggest rail freight company is up for sale has alarmed rail campaigners.

Wensleydale hopes high

Author: railwatch - Published At: Thu 08 of Feb, 2001 16:39 GMT - (4396 Reads)
The recent share offer by Wensleydale Railway plc has been so well received by investors that the directors have resolved to keep it open until fully subscribed.

Long-distance link-up

Author: railwatch - Published At: Mon 05 of Feb, 2001 23:51 GMT - (4156 Reads)
One of Britain's biggest rail user groups is calling for 13 miles of track to be brought back into passenger use to provide a new 120-mile long-distance train service.

New cross-London rail tunnel

Author: railwatch - Published At: Sun 04 of Feb, 2001 23:59 GMT - (3826 Reads)
A new tunnel could be built under London to link Victoria to King’s Cross or Liverpool Street if GNER is successful in its bid to take over the South West Trains franchise from Stagecoach.

Safety before profit demonstration

Author: railwatch - Published At: Sun 04 of Feb, 2001 23:52 GMT - (4181 Reads)
Railway staff in over 50 countries are planning a day of action to remind politicians, railway chiefs and the public of the importance of keeping railways safe and accessible.

Strategy for a rail future

Author: railwatch - Published At: Thu 01 of Feb, 2001 10:41 GMT - (4734 Reads)
The Strategic Railway Authority - which rail campaigners fought for - comes into existence today (1 February 2001).

Rail Future

Author: rdsnews - Published At: Tue 28 of Nov, 2000 05:03 GMT - (5071 Reads)
In a major announcement, the Railway Development Society has adopted a new public name and a new image - clean, fresh and bold.

Green locomotives

Author: ray - Published At: Thu 01 of Jan, 1998 01:00 GMT - (5168 Reads)
New green-friendly shunting locomtives are being built in Canada to reduce polluting emissions and offset the effects of global warming.
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