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May 2018 - Transport secretary receives a 4,000 signature letter calling for a rail reopenings fund
  • Railfuture joined forces with the Campaign for Better Transport to push for a fund to kick-start new potential rail reopenings

February 2018 - Sustrans has got it wrong, says rail group
  • Railfuture replies to a recent open letter published by Sustrans objecting to re-using the Bristol and Bath railway path for rail.


December 2017 - Rail fare rises show undeniable bias against the rail traveller
  • In January, rail fares will rise by 3.4%, the highest increase in five years. Fuel duty for motorists has been frozen for seven years, but not rail fares, which have risen by more than 30% in that same period

November 2017 - RUG Award winners
  • The winners of this year's Rail User Groups Awards have been announced. The awards, now in their sixth year, were presented at Railfuture's annual national conference in Leicester.

August 2017 - Fare increase misery for rail passengers
  • Fares increase by 3.6% in the new year. Passengers will feel rightly miffed that rail fares are going up when so much rail investment has been cancelled.

August 2017 - Britain’s Growing Railway
  • Railfuture publishes its updated version of the book, cataloguing the 400 stations which have been opened (or reopened) since 1960, along with 600 miles of new track.

July 2017 - Rail campaigners condemn electrification fudge
  • Railfuture reacted with dismay to news that major electrification schemes are to be scrapped. "It's hugely disappointing news for the railway and it highlights the government's lack of ambition"

April 2017 - West Midlands desperately underfunded for transport
  • That was the overwhelming consensus of the mayoral candidates who met last night to debate the region's transport needs, at a public debate organised by Railfuture and Friends of the Earth

March 2017 - Throwing down the challenge on pollution
  • West Midlands mayoral candidates will be challenged on pollution caused by transport at a forum organised by Railfuture.


December 2016 - Rail fare increases
  • On the 2nd of January, rail fares will rise again by an average of 2.3%. What are passengers getting for their money?

December 2016 - Action plan for ticketing
  • The Department for Transport has agreed to work together with rail industry and consumer groups, including Railfuture, to improve ticketing information for passengers

November 2016 - RUG Award winners
  • Railfuture's 5th annual Awards for Rail User Groups have been announced, judged by six of our Vice-Presidents - Paul Abell, Ian Brown, Barry Doe, Roger Ford, Chris Irwin, Stewart Palmer, and President Christian Wolmar.

November 2016 - Great Western electrification - will it ever be completed?
  • Rail campaigners in the West have expressed dismay at the further delay to electrification of the Great Western main lines

November 2016 - Birmingham plays host to Railfuture's annual conference
  • The conference will see the presentation of the fifth annual Rail User Group awards, judged by Railfuture Vice-Presidents such as Adrian Shooter, Chris Green, Ian Brown, Roger Ford, and Barry Doe.

October 2016 - Grampian rail service proposals
  • Railfuture unveils a bold vision of what Grampian rail services could look like.

October 2016 - Airport capacity solutions must include rail.
  • Railfuture calls on the government to include integrated rail links in its plans for airport expansion.

October 2016 - Tayside rail service proposals
  • Railfuture unveils a bold vision of what Tayside rail services could look like.

October 2016 - Delay Repay 15
  • It's good news that passengers will be able to claim compensation for trains which are more than 15 minutes late.

September 2016 - Priority list for new station investment
  • Railfuture welcomes the Government’s new £20 million fund for new railway stations and proposes a list of priority candidates for this new investment.

August 2016 - Inflation and fare rises
  • July's inflation figures determine next January's fare rises - 1.9%. Railfuture wants the lower CPI figure to be used, just 0.6%.

July 2016 - Railfuture Scotland's vision for rail services in Fife
  • A bold vision of what rail services could look like, greatly enhancing the opportunities for fast, frequent and environmentally-friendly travel within the Kingdom and further afield.

July 2016 - Railfuture welcomes Chris Grayling to his new job
  • The new transport secretary also receives a top ten list of investment recommendations in an open letter from Railfuture chairman Chris Page.

June 2016 - Borders Railway success – Railfuture Conference shares the secrets
  • Railfuture stages national conference at Newtongrange on the Borders Railway on 18 June 2016.

May 2016 - Railfuture campaigning success
  • Lea Bridge station is finally reopened after 31 years of closure and five years of campaigning.

January 2016 - Britain's "invisible" new railway stations
  • Passengers trying to travel to Britain's newest railway station may have some difficulty buying tickets to get there. That's because only about half of the websites selling tickets have the new station listed.

January 2016 - Rail prices increasingly divorced from reality
  • Railfuture comments on January 2nd’s annual rail price hike. “High street prices have remained stagnant for more than a year, with the official CPI inflation figure hovering around zero, yet the government thinks it’s fair to make rail travel even more expensive.”


December 2015 - Yeovil's two stations connected at last
  • A direct rail service will operate between Yeovil Pen Mill and Yeovil Junction for the first time in 47 years.

November 2015 - Rail User Group award winners
  • The full list of winners of this year's Rail User Group awards have been announced. The awards, now in their fourth year, were presented by Christian Wolmar, Railfuture President, at Railfuture's Bristol conference on 7th November.

October 2015 - Autumn Conference
  • Rail Resurgence in the West of England: Bristol and the West of England are on the brink of tremendous opportunities to expand rail services.

October 2015 - Eurostar survey
  • New Railfuture research has highlighted two major areas of concern for passengers travelling on Eurostar — outdated trains with shabby interiors, and the lack of integration for onward travel.

August 2015 - Inflation figures
  • The government is accused of using "smoke and mirrors" to disguise real term rises in rail fares.

July 2015 - East West Rail preferred corridors
  • Railfuture welcomes the East West Rail Central Section Study identifying a pair of preferred corridors for a railway linking Bedford to Cambridge.

June 2015 - Lack of vision in Devon
  • Campaigners have condemned the short sighted lack of vision of the Dartmoor National Park Authority for allowing building on the former trackbed in Ashburton.

April 2015 - Rail fare price freeze: good, but….
  • An announcement of an end to inflation-busting rail fares seems welcome, but is it all it seems?

February 2015 - Will Midlands electrification happen?
  • Railfuture gives a cautious welcome to George Osborne's talk of electrifying the line between Bristol and Derby.


December 2014 - More pain for rail passengers
  • With motoring becoming cheaper, Railfuture calls for an end to inflation-busting rail fares.

December 2014 - Time to plan for more rail freight
  • A key way to unlock more rail freight lies in the planning system. Railfuture's new report shows how.

November 2014 - Reaction to East Coast win
  • Railfuture welcomes today's announcement that Stagecoach and Virgin have won the East Coast franchise.

November 2014 - Railfuture Scotland's rail expansion plans launched
  • Railfuture Scotland unveiled proposals for the future of the rail network in Scotland, including 50 new stations on the existing rail network.

November 2014 - Clegg's Northern rail plans lack detail
  • Railfuture gives a cautious welcome to the deputy prime minister's announcement today regarding railway investment in the North of England.

November 2014 - Rail User Group award winners
  • The winners of Railfuture's third annual RUG awards were presented by Christian Wolmar at our London conference.

October 2014 - Reaction to Scotrail franchise win
  • Rail campaigners have given a cautious welcome to news that Abellio has won the Scotrail franchise.

October 2014 - Meet the women who run our railways
  • Railfuture's London conference on the 1st November features an all-female line up of industry bigwigs.

September 2014 - Rail disruption happens - how can we reduce the impact?
  • Railfuture is launching a campaign to reduce the impact on passengers when rail services are disrupted.

August 2014 - Last call for rail user group award bids
  • Local rail campaign groups across the country have just a month left to enter for Railfuture's annual rail user group awards. Nominations for the awards, now in their third year, close on 30th September.

August 2014 - Campaigning to protect rail services in the North
  • Railfuture submits its response to government consultation, but services could get worse unless we shout out.

August 2014 - Why are rail passengers still feeling the pain?
  • Railfuture's reaction to the latest inflation figures and likely fare rises in January.

August 2014 - Strong business case for reinstating railway missing link
  • Rail campaigners have welcomed the high level study published today by the East West Rail Consortium which finds there will be real economic and social benefits gained from the building of The Central Section of the East West Rail link.

August 2014 - Lewes Town Hall Open Day supports Lewes - Uckfield reopening
  • Railfuture's "Bridge the gap" campaign to re-open the rail link between Lewes and Uckfield attracted widespread support in a well-attended event in Lewes Town Hall on Saturday.

July 2014 - North to get modern Southern diesels from Electrification infills
  • Hard-pressed commuters across northern England would get 44 modern diesel carriages to relieve crowding as soon as two short routes in Kent and East Sussex are electrified.

June 2014 - Rail bosses to meet in Cambridge
  • Railfuture's annual summer conference at the University Centre will feature talks by David Statham, Managing Director of First Capital Connect and Paul McMahon from Network Rail

May 2014 - Mary Creagh MP meets rail campaigners
  • The Shadow Transport Secretary, Mary Creagh, addressed Railfuture's AGM in Sheffield at the weekend.

May 2014 - Happy birthday Channel Tunnel
  • Rail campaigners are saying happy birthday to the Channel Tunnel, which was officially opened on the 6th of May 1994.

April 2014 - HS2: Is the government prematurely closing off options?
  • Lord Berkeley has written to Secretary of State for Transport Patrick McLoughlin expressing concern that the government may be prematurely closing off options for connecting HS1 to HS2.

February 2014 - Demolish Euston and go further
  • Railfuture is urging George Osborne to go even further in his proposal to demolish Euston station.

February 2014 Inflation figures highlight rail fares rip-off
  • January's 1.9% inflation figure has highlighted the unfairness of recent rail fare rises.

February 2014 Passengers call for better access to ferry ports
  • A report by Railfuture concludes that connections to ferry ports for foot passengers are nowhere near as good as they could be.

January 2014 Integrated transport for Somerset
  • John Hassall and Nigel Bray of Railfuture will meet transport Minister Baroness Kramer to present their proposal for an integrated transport authority for Somerset.


December 2013 More rail fare pain for commuters
  • On the 2nd January, rail fares will rise again by an average of 3.1%, meaning that our trains are easily the most expensive in Europe.

December 2013 More good news on electrification
  • Railfuture welcomes news of further electrification of the network.

December 2013 Railfuture welcomes Transport Select Committee findings on HS2
  • "We agree that this project is essential to bring much-needed capacity to Britain's rail network" said a statement.

December 2013 More good news on Uckfield Lewes
  • Rail campaigners are giving a cautious welcome to the latest news regarding the Lewes-Uckfield campaign.

Decenber 2013 Campaigning success in Autumn Statement
  • Following repeated calls from Railfuture, George Osborne backs down on inflation-busting rail fare increases.

November 2013 Rail fares go up by twice the rate of inflation
  • Latest inflation figures mean that passengers can look forward to rail fare increases of twice the rate of inflation in the new year.

November 2013 RUG winners 2013
  • Railfuture announces the winners of the 2nd annual Rail User Group awards.

October 2013 HS2 statement
  • Railfuture issued a statement arguing that there was no "do-nothing" option for rail in this country

October 2013 Oxford conference
  • Rail experts from around the country will be gathering in Oxford on Saturday 2 November for a one-day conference at Oxford Town Hall.

October 2013 Dalmeny chord
  • Railfuture Scotland is calling for the reopening of a 3km chord to avoid huge disruption to passengers during essential upgrade works.

September 2013 Fuel freeze
  • Rail campaigners are calling for a fair deal for passengers, after George Osborne announced plans to freeze fuel duty for motorists.

May 2013 Government statement on reopening Uckfield - Lewes!!
  • Patrick McLoughlin, the Secretary of State for Transport, has asked Network Rail to look again at reopening the Lewes - Uckfield rail line.

May 2013 Mayor welcomes Railfuture conference
  • The Mayor of Durham, Councillor John Wilkinson, will welcome important “heavyweights” from across the railway industry when he opens this year’s Railfuture National Conference and AGM at Durham Town Hall on Saturday.(11th May).

March 2013 50 years of rail success
  • Rail campaigners are celebrating numerous successes in reopening lines and stations since Dr Richard Beeching published his infamous report ‘The Reshaping of British Railways’

March 2013 Rail campaigners back Welsh transport revolution
  • Railfuture welcomes the findings of the Commons Welsh Affairs Committee report regarding railways in Wales

March 2013 Railfuture commissions consultants for Uckfield - Lewes rail link
  • Missing link moves a step nearer

February 2013 An astonishing run of safety on Britain's railways
  • Six years in a row without a single passenger fatality in the UK - the longest run ever.

January 2013 Flawed thinking on HS2
  • Rail campaigners have reacted with disappointment to proposals for the second phase of HS2 - a continuation of the flawed thinking that gave us a controversial route through the Chilterns

January 2013 Solutions to rail flooding in Devon
  • Rail campaigners have responded to recent flooding of the mainline railway near Exeter. Railfuture's Devon and Cornwall branch have written a report "The November 2012 Railway Flooding In Devon", offering some solutions and observations

January 2013 Underwhelmed by Brown report
  • Rail campaigners today gave a lukewarm reception to the new Brown review of rail franchising.


December 2012 Enough is enough say rail campaigners
  • On the 2nd of January 2013, rail fares will rise above inflation for the tenth year in a row.

December 2012 Getting freight off the roads

November 2012 Inaugural Rail User Group awards
  • Railfuture President Christian Wolmar today (3rd Nov) presented the first-ever Awards to local Rail Users Groups for their various contributions to rail campaigning (see slideshow of winners 812kB).

November 2012 Airport survey published
  • Getting to and from UK airports is difficult and expensive, according to new research by Railfuture and Bus Users UK (BUUK).

October 2012 Railways in the Heart of England
  • Rail experts from across the country will be meeting in Birmingham to discuss the future of rail transport in the West Midlands.

October 2012 Dismay over West Coast rail fiasco(pdf)
  • Railfuture has reacted with dismay to the latest announcements regarding the West Coast mainline franchising fiasco

October 2012 Rail fare rise climbdown (pdf)
  • Rail campaigners are claiming victory in a battle to stop inflation-busting fare rises for rail travellers.

July 2012 PDF (60kB) Midland Main Line electrification
  • Railfuture has given a warm welcome to the widely anticipated announcement of electrification of the Midland Main Line.

July 2012 PDF (105kB) Public Accounts Committee has misjudged Hs1
  • Railfuture has criticised the Public Accounts Committee over its assessment of HS1.

Jun 2012 PDF (268kB) Rail campaigners want to copy Scottish Rail Successes
  • Railfuture conference hears that rail patronage forecasts understimated demand

Jun 2012 PDF (234kB) Don't concrete over railways, say campaigners
  • Railfuture gives evidence at Bristol rapid transit public inquiry

May 2012 PDF (194kB) Rail Campaigners Celebrate Scottish Successes
  • Railfuture's forthcoming reopenings conference in Stirling

May 2012 PDF (202kB) Crossings becoming safer despite fatality at Ufton Nervet Level Crossing

May 2012 PDF (194kB) Rail Passengers being treated unfairly

May 2012 PDF (137kB) Big Hitters Join Rail Campaign
  • Chistian Wolmar becomes Railfuture President
  • Former Secretary of State for Transport becomes a Vice President
  • Former rail chief executives Chris Green and Adrian shooter also become VPs
  • Respected railway writers Roger Ford and Barry Doe are also new VPs.

Mar 2012 PDF (218kB) Railfuture issues Policy Statement on proposed route for HS2 Phase 1.

Jan 2012 PDF (147kB) High speed rail network announcement - "dismay at flawed route for vital line".


Dec 2011: PDF (140kB) Unfairness of 2012 fare increases.

Dec 2011: PDF (47kB) Railfuture welcomes announcement of government approval for Croxley Rail Link.

Nov 2011: PDF (47kB) Railfuture welcomes major rail projects announced in the Chancellor's Autumn Statement.

  • East West Rail link phase I
  • Trans Pennine link electrification

Nov 2011: PDF (45kB) Railfuture welcomes government backdown on rail fare increases.

Nov 2011: PDF (49kB) Railfuture's reaction to Transport Select Committee's 'lukewarm' endorsement of HS2 Limited's scheme for a new high-speed line north.

  • Read Railfuture's full 29-page submission to the DfT - PDF

Nov 2011: PDF (48kB) Railfuture calls for fast Heathrow to Reading rail link.

Jul 2011: PDF (80kB) Railfuture's high-speed conference finds common ground in call for better rail links across Britain.

May 2011: PDF Railfuture's initial reaction to the publication of the McNulty Review on Rail Value for Money.

Mar 2011: PDF Rail Passengers React Positively to News of Further Electrification.

Mar 2011: PDF Rail Passengers Give Guarded Welcome to Budget.

Mar 2011: PDF Rail Campaigners Give Warm Welcome to News that Swindon-Kemble Line will be Re-Doubled.


Dec 2010: PDF Rail Fares Up Again–But Worse To Come.

Dec 2010: PDF HS2 Route Rethink.

Nov 2010: PDF Plaid Cymru Adopts Railfuture Ideas to Develop Railways.

Nov 2010: PDF Rail Conference Comes to Shoreditch.

Aug 2010: PDF Getting Better Value for Money Out of the Railways.

Jun 2010: PDF Rail Conference Comes to Taunton.

Mar 2010: PDF Must High Speed 2 Go Through The Chilterns?

Feb 2010: PDF Research Finds Airport Link Quality Varies.

Jan 2010: PDF Campaigners Look Forward to Improved Welsh Rail Services.

Jan 2010: PDF Manifesto for 21st Century.


Dec 2009: PDF Pre-Budget Electrification Announcement.

Nov 2009: PDF Corby Rail Reopening Inspires Conference.

Oct 2009: PDF Call For Axed Road Cash To Upgrade Railway.

Sep 2009: PDF Rail Group Calls for Rolling Electrification Programme.

Sep 2009: PDF Money Exists to Reopen Portishead Line.

Jul 2009: PDF Stability and Improvements After NX East Coast Collapse.

Mar 2009: PDF Report Highlights Lack of Joined-up Thinking on British Railways.

Jan 2009: PDF Payback Time For Excessive Rail Fares.

Jan 2009: PDF 100Mph Oxford Cambridge Rail Link.


Nov 2008: PDF Railways in the Future Conference Sells Out.

Nov 2008: PDF Last Chance for Radstock Railway.

Aug 2008: PDF Rail Campaigners Cheer New Eurostar Service.

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