RDS pamphlets

This is a list of known RDS pamphlets and leaflets. Some can be downloaded by clicking on the links. If you know of other RDS or Railfuture publications not listed here, please contact editor at railwatch.org.uk:

Britain's Railway - Much More for Much Less August 2010.

A Rail Manifesto for the 21st Century by Norman Bradbury January 2010

Airport Links report 2010

The case for rail. 22-page booklet by Norman Bradbury. 2004. Original price £2.50

A New Station - What Might It Cost. Compiled by Tony Smale. 32 page report published 2002. Original price £3.95

Directory of Rail User Groups. 3rd edition, published by RPC/Railfuture. 2002

Easy Rail Travel - Fares. 28-page booklet. 2001. Original price £2.95. ISBN 0 90128316 9

On Track for the 21st Century. A development plan for the railways of South Wales. Bi-lingual. 2001. Original price £3.50

Station Improvement Project Report. By Railfuture North East. 2001. Original price £3

Easy Rail Travel - To and From the Continent. By David Croot. 2000. Original price £2

An Electrified Railway? 2000. Original price £2.25

Directory of Rail User Groups. Published in 1998 by the Office of the Rail Regulator

Halt! Distortions Fifty myths from the road lobby challenged. 1997

Protecting the Network. Report about the problems of fragmentation of the network. 1995. Original price £1.50. ISBN 0901283092

Off the Rails. An update on privatisation problems. 1996. Original price £1.50

Lost Fares and Revenue Survey. 1996. £1.50

Right track leaflet 1996

From Plane to Train. Rail links to UK airports. 1996. £1.50

Bring Back our Tracks Six A4 pages. Gatefold. Mono. June 1996.

Rail and the environment 1 page of A4. Mono. April 1996.

Switch on our trains and protect the environment One page of A4. M
ono. April 1996.

2020 Vision Rail - the heart of any public transport system for the 21st century. Six pages of A4. Gatefold. Colour. September 1995.

Gasping for Air Pollution from Transport. Four pages of A4. A3 folded. Mono. January 1995.

It's a Shambles - The first hiccups of privatisation. 1995. Original price £1.25

Warning leaflet 1995

New Stations. What might they cost? A Railway Development Society report on the costs and how to campaign
1995. Original price £1.80

The Ups and Downs of Regional Railways. Report into the performance of branch and secondary lines from 1922 to 1994
24 pages. Original price £2.90

M25 Alternatives - Paper One Two pages of A4. Mono. July 1994.

Regional Railways - Who pays and for what? Financial guidelines for consumer protection. 8-page report

The Trek to the Train By Robert Griffiths. Maps by Christopher Jones. 12 page booklet published 1993. Original price 75p

Warning leaflet 1993

Our Environment - A Bigger Role for Rail. 50 page booklet published 1992. Original price £5.65

Bring Back the Trains 1983 7MB

Woodhead is Threatened 1980 700KB

Guide for Rail Users Edited by Michael Caton, Graham Collett and Trevor Garrod. 1979. 3MB

Guide for Rail Users Edited by Michael Caton, Graham Collett and Trevor Garrod. First published 1978. 2.6MB

Can Bus Replace Train? or Will They Never Learn? 26-page booklet published by the Railway Invigoration Society 1977

Railways in the Seventies. By M.P.L. Caton and J.M. Stanley with foreword by John Arlott O.B.E. 24-page booklet published by the Railway Invigoration Society 1973. Original price 40p

Stop The Highway Robbery

The East Suffolk Railway Line - an historical outline. 10-page booklet published by the Railway Invigoration Society 1965. Original price 2 shillings

Unprofitable Lines A financial study of certain unprofitable lines in Somerset, Dorset and Hampshire. Published by the Branch Line Reinvigoration Society, October 1963.

A Voice for Rail Travellers A Way through the Maze. One page of A5.

Rail users need a voice One page of A5.

Did you have a good journey? One page of A5.

Rail User Express Rail Action