The Case for Rail

Railfuture promotes the development and use of rail and light rail to achieve the following objectives. We will seek to influence the service specification for franchise and any non-franchised rail operations for the benefit of passengers and freight customers and to encourage more modal switch from road to rail.

  1. To promote and support economic growth both nationally and regionally by providing access to jobs and education, reducing business journey times and enabling profitable use of travel time.
  2. To stimulate investment for regeneration and to reverse the decline of town centres due to planning errors of the past that were designed to exploit the car. Rail development has been shown to provide more benefit than investment in other modes of transport.
  3. To aid social inclusion by improving personal mobility for all.
  4. To improve the urban environment - which rail can do because it can carry more people and goods, in less space than roads. Rail penetrates most town and city centres and must continue to do so.
  5. To reduce injury and death owing to road accidents. Rail is by any measure the safest mode of travel for like-for-like journeys.
  6. To promote sustainable transport and to combat global warming through the lower carbon emissions of rail compared to other modes. Electrified railways can also use non-polluting renewable energy. Per passenger kilometre, rail produces less than half the CO2 of car passengers and a quarter of that of air passengers while, per tonne-kilometre, rail freight produces less than one tenth that of road or air freight. Moreover, emissions from aviation at high altitude are twice as damaging.
  7. To use energy more efficiently. The cost of energy is continually rising. Rail is significantly more fuel-efficient than road and air transport.
  8. To reduce road congestion by achieving modal shift of passengers and freight to rail.

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