Well-designed traffic calming in 20mph zones can dramatically cut the number of road accidents.

We estimate that Hull's 20mph zones have already saved 200 serious injuries and 1,000 minor injuries since 1994, said Tony Grayling of the Institute for Public Policy Research.

The zones are also popular with residents. If other councils followed Hull's example, then there would be far fewer road casualties, especially child pedestrian deaths and injuries on which Britain has a bad record.

Mr Grayling is co-author of Streets ahead - Safe and liveable streets for children. The other authors are Karl Hallam, Daniel Graham, Richard Anderson and Stephen Glaister. The report is available from Central Books on 0845 458 9910.

It was discussed at a conference in Hull on Wednesday 5 February 2003 when the speakers included Sandy Bishop, head of road safety at the Department for Transport, Tony Kirby, traffic projects manager at Hull City Council and Nick Burkitt of the Social Exclusion Unit.

Hull has implemented more than one hundred 20mph zones since 1994, and installed rising bollards that allow accces for emergency vehicles.

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