Railfuture members and others are being invited to help a BBC Radio 4 programme about a blizzard which halted road and rail transport one year ago.

Producer Emma Wallace is making a documentary for Radio 4 about 28 January 2003 when the blizzard caused chaos across the country, stranding millions on roads and on rail platforms on their way home from work.

She is looking for people who were stranded by the blizzard and the collapse of the transport system.

She says: "If you have a story from that night about your experiences on the rail, tube or bus network, or know someone who has, I would love to hear from you!"

You can get in touch with her by e-mail <emma.wallace@bbc.co.uk> or on her direct line on 020 7765 0331 or fax 020 743 63080

Information from: Capital Transport