Tide turns for Waterside

Author: Tony Smale - Published At: Sun 13 of Nov, 2016 19:21 GMT - (10411 Reads)
The future of the Waterside Line in the South of England is once again under the spotlight, as freight traffic to Fawley refinery ceases and the Hythe ferry comes under renewed threat of closure. Photo: Marchwood station

The case for Ashington

Author: Dennis Fancett - Published At: Fri 14 of Oct, 2016 14:54 BST - (7543 Reads)
Railfuture affiliated local group SENRUG (The South East Northumberland Rail User Group) are leading the campaign to re-introduce passenger services on the Ashington, Blyth and Tyne route which is a working freight line. On 11th October 2016 Northumberland County Council agreed to proceed to GRIP 3, setting out an ambitious timescale and saying trains could be running by early 2021.

GOBLIN gets Flying visit

Author: Roger Blake - Published At: Mon 13 of Jun, 2016 14:38 BST - (4109 Reads)
While the west end of Gospel Oak-Barking line remains open during weekdays, Flying Scotsman passes Gospel Oak station on Friday 10 June 2016.

East-West double boost

Author: Phil Smart - Published At: Tue 05 of Apr, 2016 16:09 BST - (5947 Reads)
Phil Smart, a member of Railfuture and a councillor on Ipswich Borough Council (one of the founders of the ‘East-West Rail Consortium’ of local authorities) welcomes the announcement by Network Rail of the preferred corridor for the East West Rail Central Section, and the support of the National Infrastructure Commission. Photo: the new Addenbrookes station site, the only common point on the various route options.

London-south coast study

Author: Chris Page and Roger Blake - Published At: Tue 20 of Oct, 2015 19:36 BST - (8904 Reads)
The DfT took the opportunity of the official opening of the Thameslink traincare depot at Three Bridges last week to publish the Terms of Reference for the London and South Coast Rail Corridor Study, which will review the demand for rail travel and proposed rail schemes in the area between London and the South Coast. Keymer Junction (pictured) is the key constraint on the Brighton Main Line south of Three Bridges; Network Rail proposes quadruple track and a dive-under junction here to boost capacity. Alongside this study, local authorities must quantify the economic growth benefits which rail investment in the area would generate.


Author: Dennis Fancett - Published At: Fri 16 of Oct, 2015 09:55 BST - (5408 Reads)
On 12th October 2015 Northumberland County Council initiated the GRIP 2 feasibility study, costing around £850,000, to carry out the detailed development work for the Ashington, Blyth & Tyne scheme. (photo John Brierley)

Bexhill Hastings biz case

Author: Roger Blake - Published At: Fri 09 of Oct, 2015 11:11 BST - (5989 Reads)
The Hastings Rother Taskforce presented the economic case for running high speed rail services to Rye, Hastings and Bexhill to a stakeholder group, including Railfuture, in Bexhill today.

Robin Hood Enterprise

Author: David Harby - Published At: Mon 21 of Sep, 2015 18:04 BST - (7042 Reads)
Good news for Railfuture's aspiration to see Robin Hood Line services extended through Warsop and Edwinstowe to Ollerton, to serve proposed business parks on the site of the now-closed Thoresby Colliery near Edwinstowe, and Center Parcs near Ollerton.

Euston Express

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Thu 17 of Sep, 2015 11:02 BST - (7834 Reads)
HS2 Limited have recently published their fourth attempt at a plan for Euston station, with an increased cost, massive property demolition and more disruption over a longer timescale. However there is an alternative - Euston Express would provide the necessary capacity sooner whilst costing £1.5Bn to £2Bn less and avoiding significant disruption. (Image DfT.)

Sussex Route Study

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Mon 14 of Sep, 2015 18:28 BST - (9111 Reads)
Network Rail published the final Sussex Area Route Study last week, following the consultation at the beginning of this year. The study recognises the strength of feeling for Uckfield - Lewes reinstatement - 44% of the consultation responses mentioned it - and considers the potential of the Uckfield route and the Lewes Horseshoe to relieve the Brighton Main Line.

Integrated Leeds station

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Mon 03 of Aug, 2015 16:38 BST - (6453 Reads)
Last week the West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce published their proposal for a single Leeds station serving all HS2, inter-city, regional and metro rail services, rather than the separate station remote from the city centre currently planned by HS2 Ltd.

Henbury loop

Author: Nigel Bray - Published At: Fri 24 of Jul, 2015 18:42 BST - (6495 Reads)
Consultants charged with proving the case for the MetroWest service to Henbury have settled for a simple turnback solution, failing to grasp the opportunities which a Henbury loop could create.

A Platform for Growth

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Thu 23 of Jul, 2015 18:04 BST - (4841 Reads)
The first small steps in our programme to develop the Wealden Line from a sleepy Uckfield branch into a second main line to the Sussex Coast are underway.

Portishead consultation

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Wed 24 of Jun, 2015 08:33 BST - (4371 Reads)
Plans for the re-opening of the Portishead railway line, as part of the first phase of the MetroWest transport project, are now open for public consultation - a major step forward for Railfuture campaigning.

A station back in Skem

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Mon 08 of Jun, 2015 16:39 BST - (5672 Reads)
Lancashire County Council is forging ahead with plans to connect Skelmersdale town centre to the rail network.

Budget 2015 Uckfield win

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Wed 18 of Mar, 2015 15:13 GMT - (9885 Reads)
Buried in the budget papers today is the statement that the government will provide £100,000 for a further study into reopening the Lewes to Uckfield rail line. This is a major success for our campaign - we will work to steer the scope of the study to capture all the potential benefits.

First Hastings Javelin

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Mon 02 of Feb, 2015 19:11 GMT - (9552 Reads)
Railfuture travelled on the first Javelin, glimpsed at Hastings on Friday with Amber Rudd and Rail Minister Claire Perry, to celebrate progress towards electrification of Marshlink and a high speed service between Bexhill, Hastings, Rye, Ashford and London St Pancras.
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