Our cause

Our aim is a bigger and better railway that people are proud and pleased to use and recommend.


Railfuture campaigns nationally and locally for:Image
  • more seats
  • value for money fares
  • quicker journeys
  • an enjoyable journey experience
  • new services and lines to increase journey opportunities
  • shifting freight from road to rail.
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Our successes

Railfuture's fares campaign has notched up success with the recognition by Chris Grayling that fares could rise in line with the lower CPI not RPI. Railfuture campaigns have helped to open more than 400 new stations and over 950 km of new routes since 1960, supporting economic growth and providing new journey opportunities to passengers.

What we want

Railfuture challenges government and the rail industry to rebuild trust by fulfilling ten customer demands in 2019.


Railfuture campaigns for faster, longer more frequent trains and bright, clean, more secure stations to attract more passengers to rail and support economic growth.


Railfuture promotes the use of rail as a cost effective and environmentally sound means of freight transport which reduces congestion on the road network.


Railfuture argues for new and reopened railway lines and stations which will promote economic growth both nationally and locally, and enhancement of existing routes to increase capacity and performance.

Our opinion is often sought by press and media, see Railfuture in the news

Consultation responses

Before making major policy decisions, both national and local government run formal consultations to find out what the public think about the issues. Railfuture’s realistic, informed submissions are well respected, so the rail user viewpoint is considered and we can influence those policy decisions.

Fighting Fund

As well as working at local and national level with train operators and other stakeholders to secure a better railway. Railfuture makes awards to campaigners from its Fighting Fund to bring about improvements. Awards have been given, for example, for publicity initiatives and feasibility studies.

Policy statements

Railfuture's official policy is determined by the Board of directors, who are influenced by Railfuture activists and the membership.

Railfuture has produced a number of policy statements to guide our campaigning for a bigger and better railway. They will be individually revised when required and are available to Railfuture members, the rail industry, stakeholders and the general public.

Railfuture keeps in touch with important transport issues nationally and locally, through our branches and affiliated rail user groups. We take every opportunity to develop a relationship with national and local politicians and government officials and brief on national rail issues:

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