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SNCF jingle in Top 100

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Wed 02 of Sep, 2015 19:31 BST - (3139 Reads)
International rail travellers either love the SNCF jingle or hate it. Our policy director Ian Brown really quite likes it if not always what follows it!

Transformation in action

Author: Ray King - Published At: Tue 25 of Aug, 2015 23:18 BST - (5612 Reads)
Former London Underground District line trains are being transformed at Vivarail’s Long Marston base in Warwickshire. A prototype green and yellow rebuilt coach, centre, is flanked by unrebuilt coaches, left and right. In the depot, more coaches are being transformed.

Integrated Leeds station

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Mon 03 of Aug, 2015 16:38 BST - (6284 Reads)
Last week the West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce published their proposal for a single Leeds station serving all HS2, inter-city, regional and metro rail services, rather than the separate station remote from the city centre currently planned by HS2 Ltd.

Henbury loop

Author: Nigel Bray - Published At: Fri 24 of Jul, 2015 18:42 BST - (6198 Reads)
Consultants charged with proving the case for the MetroWest service to Henbury have settled for a simple turnback solution, failing to grasp the opportunities which a Henbury loop could create.

A Platform for Growth

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Thu 23 of Jul, 2015 18:04 BST - (4676 Reads)
The first small steps in our programme to develop the Wealden Line from a sleepy Uckfield branch into a second main line to the Sussex Coast are underway.
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