People are more worried about speeding drivers in their neighbourhood than other types of violent crime.

A survey by road safety campaign group BRAKE has found that 62% are concerned about speeding drivers putting their children at risk.

As many as 46% think the road where they live is dangerous for children to walk or cycle on.

And 42% think their road is more dangerous for children than it was five years ago.

Speeding is more likely than drink driving to cause road crashes, believe 55%.

Nearly half (40%) of residents are more concerned about local children being involved in a road crash than being abducted or being a victim of violent street crime.

BRAKE says people are right to be worried.

Four times as many people are killed on roads than by all other crimes put together.

The survey findings support research from academic institutions, including the Institute of Public Policy Research and the Health Development Agency, which argues that allowing fast drivers near schools and residential areas is a disastrous combination.

Coupled with growing traffic, it results in fewer children walking and cycling.

BRAKE calls for strict speed control and heavy investment in road engineering measures such as traffic-free Home Zones‚ with 20mph speed limits.

According to 2002 government figures, the UK has one of the worst rates of child pedestrian deaths in western Europe.

The Government however claims it is planning to halve the number of children killed and seriously injured in crashes by 2010.

More than half of drivers - 59% - still break 30mph limits in urban areas, according to statistics released by the Department for Transport in 2003.

Brake chief executive Mary Williams said: “The survey findings are no surprise given our appalling record of child pedestrian fatalities, and are terrible news for residents who all want a safe and happy environment for their children.”

The survey of 10,000 residents was launched by BRAKE in co-operation with

It coincided with a day of action against speeding drivers - organised by Transport 2000 and The Slower Speeds Initiative.

Brake is a national road safety charity aiming to stop the 3,400 deaths and 41,000 serious injuries that occur on Britain’s roads every year and to ensure appropriate care is available for people traumatised by road crashes.

BRAKE produces educational road safety literature and runs events including Road Safety Week planned in 2004 for 8-14 November.

BRAKE supports speed cameras, which have resulted in casualty reductions of 35% at sites in safety camera partnerships. Most cameras are in safety camera partnerships. BRAKE is angered by tabloid newspapers peddling dangerous misinformation about speed cameras.

The Government promised in its road safety strategy in 2000 to review all speed limits but has failed to do so.

Information from: Simon Collister, Campaign and Communications Officer, Brake, PO Box 548, Huddersfield HD1 2XZ. Tel: 01484 559909. Fax: 01484 559983.