The consultation has seven topic areas each requiring general evidence:
  1. Commercial models for the provision of rail services that prioritise the interests of passengers and taxpayers.
  2. Rail industry structures that promote clear accountability and effective joint-working for both passengers and the freight sector.
  3. Systems that are financially sustainable and able to address long-term cost pressures.
  4. A railway that is able to offer good value fares for passengers, while keeping costs down for taxpayers.
  5. Improved industrial relations to reduce disruption and improved reliability for passengers.
  6. A rail sector with the agility to respond to future challenges and opportunities.
  7. Other.
Unlike many other consultations there is no list of specific detailed questions. This suggests that the Review Team are not attempting to condition responses (or don’t know what to ask). However it is clear from the questions that the Review Team is looking for responses focused on the interests of passengers and freight customers against a background of addressing cost issues, reliability and accountability. The background is probably dominant in the government’s mind. We have been careful to exclude nice to haves that do not address the efficiency issue for this reason.

Our initial response has been prepared in consultation with Railfuture branches. We aim to discuss some of the issues further with the Williams Rail Review team and plan to submit further evidence before 18th May including points of regional interest.

View or download the initial Railfuture response.

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