Trains may soon be able to run through to London from the North Norfolk preserved steam railway.

The idea is to reinstate tracks and a level crossing at Sheringham to allow three-car Anglia Railways trains into the old Sheringham station.

Since the 1960s, trains on the public network have terminated at a "bus stop" style station separate from the old Sheringham station by a road where there used to be a level crossing.

The "bus stop" station is, however, too small for three-car trains so Anglia now wants access to the old station by reinstating a short section of track and the level crossing.

If it can gain access, Anglia is hoping to run a three-car train from Sheringham old station to Norwich where it will link with another three-car train from Yarmouth and run on to Ipswich where it could link up with a third three-car train for London.

Anglia may be able to save money by parking a train overnight at the North Norfolk Railway rather than running the last train empty back from Sheringham to Norwich depot and back again in the morning.

The local council is hoping Anglia will agree to run through the extra eight miles to the steam railway terminus at Holt.

Arup Transport is conducting an engineering feasibility study into the idea.
There are four suggested solutions which can be seen at <\A>