Road user charging

Author: Owen O'Neill - Published Tue 30 of Jan, 2024 17:09 GMT - (0 Reads)
Opportunity, not threat. Railfuture suggests that there is a way of making road user charging politically acceptable. Appropriate branding for an HGV. Photo by Richard Says under <creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/> via Flickr.

Stop this madness

Author: Ian Brown CBE FCILT - Published Mon 12 of Dec, 2022 18:40 GMT - (0 Reads)
Who can stop the RMT strike madness? Railfuture’s Policy Director comments on the failure of the RMT union and the government to reach a settlement that enables a successful, viable future for rail. Strike day at Paddington – trains going nowhere. Photo by Roger Blake for Railfuture.

Everyone loses

Author: Chris Page - Published Thu 23 of Jun, 2022 18:50 BST - (0 Reads)
The rail strikes this week are bad for everyone. Some trains ran, including on Island Line where rail staff voted against a strike. Photo by Chris Page for Railfuture.

Nuclear power dash

Author: Ian Brown CBE FCILT - Published Mon 11 of Apr, 2022 18:50 BST - (0 Reads)
The UK government has announced eight new nuclear power stations for Britain, triggering reaction from many environmentalists. But what about a strategy for reducing demand? Railfuture policy director Ian Brown sets out the opportunity for rail. Nuclear fuel and nuclear waste has been travelling safely on our railways for a long time. Image from Reddit.

FlightFree UK 2020

Author: Anna Hughes - Published Thu 09 of Jul, 2020 18:19 BST - (2481 Reads)
Flight Free UK is passionate about low carbon travel. Flying less (and using the train instead) is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Could you pledge to be flight free in 2020?
Anna Hughes is Director of Flight Free UK.

University challenge

Author: Peter Travis - Published Sat 09 of Mar, 2019 17:45 GMT - (3877 Reads)
Railfuture was delighted to sponsor the very interesting and successful 2019 Transport Masters Prize Award Presentation awards evening event at the University of the West Of England (UWE) with Railfuture's Honorary President Christian Wolmar proving to be the 'top entertainment'. Photo: from left, Professor Graham Parkhurst (Director of UWE’s Centre for Transport and Society), Christian Wolmar (Railfuture President), Wendy Thorne (Railfuture director), and Professor John Parkin CEng FICE FCIHT FCILT (Professor of Transport Engineering and Deputy Director, Centre for Transport and Society UWE).

Railworker fatigue survey

Author: Lorna Brock - Published Mon 05 of Mar, 2018 19:22 GMT - (2837 Reads)
A UK rail employee survey to explore the relationship between self-reported fatigue levels and characteristics of influential risk factors of workload, sleep quality and daily life events.

Resistance to change

Author: Chris Page - Published Mon 10 of Oct, 2016 12:54 BST - (7898 Reads)
In October 2016 a plaque commemorating Asquith Xavier, an accidental campaigner who overturned a colour bar at Euston 50 years ago, was unveiled at Euston station by his family.

Brexit rail economics

Author: Chris Page - Published Fri 01 of Jul, 2016 17:31 BST - (7199 Reads)
This is where we find out what membership of the EU was really worth – at least to Britain’s railways and rail users. Passenger numbers may fall, fares may increase, rail development projects may be cancelled or delayed and old trains may not be replaced. Already, the announcement of the winner of the Greater Anglia franchise has been delayed.

These are only the known unknowns. The law of unintended consequences applies to the Brexit decision, and the unknown unknowns will only become apparent as events unfold.

Rail Week 2016

Author: Chris Page - Published Thu 26 of May, 2016 18:55 BST - (4226 Reads)
Young Rail Professionals is a voluntary organisation which promotes the rail industry as an exciting career choice for young people. Rail Week 2016 will provide an opportunity for the rail sector to engage with young people, and with those who influence young people’s career choice too. It will run from Monday 27th June to Sunday 3rd July.

Celebrating a campaigner

Author: David Harby - Published Wed 24 of Feb, 2016 16:42 GMT - (4629 Reads)
A bench, presented by Railfuture, and inscribed in the memory of Brian James Hastings was unveiled at Crowle station on 23rd February.

Train Into Work

Author: Chris Page - Published Mon 07 of Sep, 2015 17:37 BST - (3189 Reads)
An exciting new work experience pilot scheme has been launched today by East Midlands Trains as Amelia Humphries (24) and Mitchell Grant (20) embark on a four-week work experience trial with members of the Derby station team.

Constructive Conference

Author: Nick Dibben - Published Sun 05 of Jul, 2015 20:51 BST - (5282 Reads)
Attendees of the Railfuture Summer 2015 Conference in Newark were welcomed by the Town Mayor Councillor Robert Crowe and his wife. Also shown above are Railfuture Lincolnshire branch chairman, David Harby, who helped organise the conference, and branch sales and catering officer Sue Dovey.

Norfolk Orbital Railway

Author: Paul Young - Published Wed 18 of Feb, 2015 20:15 GMT - (8037 Reads)
There is a practical pro-rail initiative in Norfolk which has long been in preparation and which is now making serious progress.

Photo competition

Author: Chris Page - Published Tue 04 of Nov, 2014 09:41 GMT - (12765 Reads)
New class 68 No 68004, seen here at Peterborough, is working from Norwich to Doncaster while 66529 brings an empty stone train from March, bound for Mount Sorrel.

London Bridge

Author: Dick Tyler - Published Wed 29 of Oct, 2014 10:05 GMT - (8192 Reads)
Work starts on £450M London Bridge station redevelopment
CGI of New London Bridge concourse by Network Rail.

Fare Increase Viewpoint

Author: Jerry Alderson - Published Mon 25 of Aug, 2014 16:29 BST - (14439 Reads)
Graphic from the BBC web-site on day that RPI figures were published showing the relationship between rail fare increases in Britain (although actually the England-only increases for the last couple of years) and UK inflation over the last 26 years. The negative RPI on 2009 was caused by a huge drop in mortgage interest rates (which are excluded from CPI calculations).