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Railfuture holds two national conferences each year, usually in the summer and autumn (in addition to its AGM for members). We aim only to cover our costs. The conferences are competitively priced, to be within rail users' price range, and are open to everyone. Railfuture members are usually offered a chance to attend at a discounted rate. Speakers come from a variety of backgrounds, including transport authorities, rail operators and manufacturers, Network Rail and stakeholder groups. Venues are rotated around the country.

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There are many free or low-priced events for volunteers such as Railfuture members, as well as expensive conferences organised by professionals.

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Rail dates

Official consultations, franchising dates, and service alterations for some railway improvement projects. It is not an exhaustive list.

RUG Awards

Railfuture organises the annual Rail User Group (RUG) Awards, which aim to recognise and reward local volunteers who come together and work tirelessly to improve their local railway and stations on behalf of their passengers, efforts which all-too-often would otherwise pass unheralded. Newsletters, websites, campaigns, campaigners, new groups, and use of social media - all are in the field for the 'shy and retiring' to be bold and have a go at celebrating success!

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The awards are judged by a panel of Railfuture Vice Presidents and the awards announced at our Autumn Conference.


The Annual General Meeting for Railfuture members is held in May each year. The agenda is published online and with Railwatch in March. At the AGM, the annual report is received, the result of elections to the Board is announced and motions submitted by members discussed and voted on.

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