National Groups

The Board delegates policy development to three groups: Passenger, Infrastructure & Networks, and Freight. These three groups promote the railway in Britain.

Passenger Group

Definition of policy including Rail, Metro and Light Rail fares, facilities and service levels & quality monitoring, passenger safety and security, disability rights, access issues, park & ride facilities, liaison with eg Bus Users UK. Responding to franchise and passenger service consultations, engaging stakeholders and campaigning on selected passenger proposals.

Chair: Allison Cosgrove, Passenger Director
Secretary: Nicholas Lewis
Email: passenger at railfuture.org.uk
View or download the draft Passenger Group Terms of Reference.
Next meeting: Saturdays 15 January, 19 March 2022.
Most recent meeting: 20 November 2021.
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European Passenger Group

Definition of policy including including fares, facilities, service levels & quality monitoring for services between UK and Europe, connectivity to UK airports and ferry ports, identification of international rail best practice and identification of European legislation and standards which should be dropped. Representation at European Passenger Federation. Reports to Passenger Group.

Chair: Ian Brown CBE, Head of European Passenger Group
Secretary: H.Trevor Jones
Email: htrevor.jones at railfuture.org.uk
View or download the European Passenger Group Terms of Reference.

Infrastructure & Networks Group

Definition of policy including network modernisation, high speed rail, technical analysis and monitoring, network capacity, modal integration, assessment of line and station opening/reopening proposals, route protection and railway lands, electrification strategy, regional & devolved rail development, and light rail & metro development. Responding to infrastructure consultations, engaging stakeholders and campaigning on selected infrastructure proposals.

Chair: Roger Blake, Infrastructure & Networks Director
Secretary: Martin Cooper
Email: networks at railfuture.org.uk
View or download the Infrastructure and Networks Group Terms of Reference.
Next meeting: Saturday 12 February 2022.
Most recent meeting: 11 September 2021.
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Freight Group

Definition of policy including freight service standards and development, capacity utilisation, facilities and transhipment; liaison with operators, lobby groups and developers and UK-Europe rail freight development. Responding to freight consultations, engaging stakeholders and campaigning on selected freight proposals.

Chair: Peter Wakefield, Head of Freight Group
Secretary: Martin Cooper
Email: freight at railfuture.org.uk
Next meeting: Saturday 12 February 2022.
Most recent meeting: 11 September 2021.
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The Board delegates the administration of Railfuture to four groups: Finance & IT, Membership, Communications, and Governance.

Finance and IT Group

Financial and company management, development of all aspects of Railfuture information technology, membership services, co-ordination of organisational and administrative matters, archives, and business continuity strategy

Chair: Jerry Alderson, Finance & IT Director
Acting Finance Officer: David Harby
Company Accountant: Trevor Davies ICAEW
Email: finance at railfuture.org.uk

Monthly Lottery
Monthly Lottery Organiser: Allison Cosgrove - lottery at railfuture.org.uk

Membership Group

Raising the profile of Railfuture and making it attractive to all rail users, in terms of campaigns and strategy, with the aim of recruiting a more diverse range of active new members

Chair: Wendy Thorne, Membership director
New Members: Dr Donald Peacock
Member Renewals: Lloyd Butler
Email: membership at railfuture.org.uk

Communications Group

Communication of Railfuture policy consistently across all channels: press releases, social media, website, Railwatch, Rail Action, Rail User Express, branch newsletters and bulletins, publicity material; training and encouragement of members, local branches and national groups to contribute to all channels.

Chair: Neil Middleton, Communications Director
Media: Bruce Williamson
Email: media at railfuture.org.uk
View or download the Communications Group Terms of Reference.

Editorial sub-group

The editorial control, business management, production and distribution of our quarterly house magazine Railwatch, also our occasional online Rail Action newsletter. Reports to Communications Group.
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Editor: Ray King
Final copy date for Railwatch 171, April 2022: Tuesday 1 February 2022; for pre-notified late items only, Saturday 12 February 2022.
Publication date for Railwatch 170, December 2021: early-December 2021.
Next meeting of Editorial sub-group will be for Railwatch 171, April 2022 publishing March 2022: Wednesday 12 January 2022.
Email editor at railwatch.org.uk with news and photos of successful Railfuture campaigning, plus articles and letters.

Governance Group

Corporate structure, corporate policy & governance

Chair: Stewart Palmer, Governance Director
Company Data Controller: Chris Bates, privacy at railfuture.org.uk
Email: stewart.palmer at railfuture.org.uk
View or download the Governance Group Terms of Reference.

View or download the procedure for the recruitment, selection, welcome and re-appointment of Railfuture Group members.

Active members of the national groups, and of the branches, are invited to come together in an annual Branches & Groups Day, usually held in Birmingham each October.