Young Rail Professionals (YRP) believes that the rail sector is a great place to grow and develop a career. Its members are all under 25, working for companies in the rail industry. Most of them found themselves working in rail by accident, only after considering other industries first and ruling them out. This is why YRP’s ambassadors are so passionate about promoting the rail sector – they have found themselves great careers and want to spread the message that everyone should consider a career in rail when they leave school or university.

Young people looking for well paid skilled jobs with good prospects are often unaware that the rail sector offers a wealth of opportunities across a wide range of professions. The increasing demand for rail travel has created a skills gap in the thousands, not hundreds, which must be filled to ensure that the industry can deliver investment at record levels in customer service, rolling stock, operational capacity and infrastructure.

Rail Week 2016 will open the doors of the rail sector, bringing together rail companies, universities, professional institutions, young people, their families, teachers and career advisors in a variety of events to show first-hand the exciting projects and facilities, inspiring young people as to what they can achieve in rail, and demonstrating how rail is a fundamental enabler of a strong economy which everyone can be a part of creating.

Railfuture signed a collaboration agreement with Young Rail Professionals at the beginning of 2016 and whole-heartedly support this initiative. For more information about Rail Week and how to take part, go to

Young Rail Professionals

Rail Week 2016

Rail development reset article explains the effect of the skills gap