One of the cities which would benefit most from Britain being properly linked into the European high-speed network is Birmingham.

That is why Birmingham City Council is sponsoring a Railfuture conference on Saturday 26 April 2003 into the benefits of high-speed rail.

We have exciting presentations on Japanese and European high-speed railways and will show how high-speed rail offers faster city to city journeys than air.

We will also explain how high-speed rail can prevent gridlock on the roads.

We will also offer you opportunities to campaign with us to cut excessive pollution emissions on road and in the air.

The sessions include:

Lessons from Japan: The Case for a UK High-Speed Rail Network
By Roderick Smith, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College, London

High-Speed European Railways - A glimpse of the future
By Mike Bennett.

Clearing the Skies and Preserving the Fields - The case for High-Speed Rail to replace Short Haul Flights
By John Stewart of Transport 2000.

Saving the Roads from Gridlock - High-Speed Rail as a viable alternative to Motorways.
By Graham Nalty and Norman Bradbury of Railfuture.

Opportunities for High-Speed Rail
By Alderman Don Lewis.

Passenger Transport Networks - The Case for Fast Rail Links between Cities

High-Speed Rail Opportunities for the Regions - Panel discussion

Shaping the Future for High-Speed Rail

High Speed Rail in an Integrated Transport Network - Discussion

The conference is at the Council Chamber, Council Offices, Victoria Street Birmingham from 10.30 to 16.00.

It will be opened by the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Mahmood Hussain.

The cost of attending the conference is only £10 for members of Railfuture and the general public (transport professionals £40).


Only bookings received by first post Thursday 17 April 2003 can be guaranteed a booked buffet lunch but late bookers will still be welcome to attend.

For more information: Conference organiser Graham Nalty, Railfuture North Midlands. Tel: 01332-361390 (day) 01332-756660 (evenings) Fax 01332-200698
email graham.nalty at

Details of Railfuture conferences, future and past, can be found on the conferences page.