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Cambridge South Transport and Works Order

Railfuture East Anglia have responded positively to the Cambridge South Transport and Works Order supporting the rapid construction of the station but have reiterated our previous letters of support that noted that the passenger facilities will be very inadequate due to the underestimate of passenger numbers.



Greater Cambridge Local Plan - The first conversation


The Greater Cambridge Local Plan consultation covering Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire closes on 24 February so this is your opportunity to promote the role of rail in this plan.
Map of the area:

Main themes

The consultation covers the themes of:
  • Climate change
  • Biodiversity and green spaces
  • Wellbeing and social inclusion
  • Great places
and some options for where this growth might go:
  • densification of existing urban areas
  • edge of Cambridge: outside Green Belt
  • edge of Cambridge: within Green Belt
  • dispersal: new settlements
  • dispersal: villages
  • public transport corridors (expanding or intensifying existing settlements, or with new settlements)

It is vital that future developments should be public transport friendly, and in particular rail friendly so we should strongly support the idea of settlements along rail public transport corridors, but densification of existing urban areas also plays well towards public transport.

Your response

To promote rail supported by other forms of public transport, cycling and walking we suggest you download the response form here:
fill in your details, and in the comments section take some or all of the questions below and provide your own response expanding on the suggestions and email the completed form to localplan at greatercambridgeplanning.org
Although the instructions state that you must send a separate form for every question you answer, you do not need to do this.

Question 8. How should the Local Plan help us achieve net zero carbon by 2050?
Opportunity to comment in general about integrated public transport with rail as the high capacity backbone, linked to cycling and walking, and could also mention making provision for railfreight, perhaps with a rail served distribution centre serving Cambridge.

Question 20. How do you think we should achieve improvements in air quality?
Could mention that rubber tyres and tarmac produce significant harmful particulates so the focus for transport should be on steel wheel solutions wich as rail, and also light rail instead of busways.

Question 36. How should the Local Plan ensure the right infrastructure is provided in line with development?
Mention that development should take place where there is already good public transport 7 days a week to jobs and recreation, so no need for car dependency.

Question 37. How should we encourage a shift away from car use and towards more sustainable modes of transport such as public transport, cycling and walking?
Mention locating new or expanded developments in places which can be served by railway lines, or light rail lines.

Question 42. Where should we site new development? Rank the options below 1 (Most Preferred) to 6 (Least Preferred)
1 public transport corridors
2 densification of existing urban areas
....suggest ranking these next, but comment that these should be to places which are or can be served by rail
3 or 4 dispersal: new settlements
3 or 4 dispersal: villages
...then finally these which are unlikely to be rail served:5 or 6 edge of Cambridge: outside Green Belt
5 or 6 edge of Cambridge: within Green Belt

Question 48. What do you think about siting development along transport corridors?
Strongly support but make the point that development should not mean building right up to the railway boundary which may preclude future expansion such as an additional track, new station (e.g. Cherry Hinton or Fulbourn) or in the case of Cambridge station a future eastern access.

If you would like advice about how to respond in other ways, or would like to download a version of the response form with all 50 questions listed, then read this page by Camcycle:


Case for an Eastern Entrance to Cambridge Station

A paper describing the case for an Eastern Entrance to Cambridge Station can be downloaded here.