Railfuture were asked to set up a local stakeholder group to put pressure on Network Rail to get on with the re-opening and to ensure that it is a sensible scheme. The project has widespread political support throughout the County not least because the strong business case shows just what benefits will accrue to the town. Steve Barclay MP and James Palmer, newly elected Mayor of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority, have many times enthusiastically spoken about the need for the link.

‘Now is the time to deliver Wisbechrail’ comes just 50 years after the last passenger train ran to Wisbech. We say there should be a definite plan that shows us when services will be running by the end of this milestone year.

A half-hourly service from Wisbech right through to the newly funded Cambridge South station should be provided as soon as Ely North junction is upgraded. This will improve transport connectivity by giving Wisbech and Fenland residents access to high quality jobs all along the corridor and especially in Cambridge, which will be a huge benefit to the whole county. The frequent services will also enable Manea to become a rural transport hub, improving connectivity to Chatteris.

Who wants to end up on the wrong side of the A47 when they arrive in Wisbech? If the station is built south of the A47 it will be harder for people to get to and some of the wider economic benefits will be lost. There is land available for a station and the map above shows where it should go.

The Wisbech Rail Consultative Group report sums up the progress made to date and shows how Wisbechrail will not just benefit Wisbech but the whole of the County too. The indicative timetable shows how Wisbechrail will revolutionise connectivity for Wisbech and the Fens.

Use of Rail is growing by 4.5% year on year in East Anglia. For example, Ely station now has footfall of 2.2 million per year. Use of a station in Wisbech will be equally strong.

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