Fast link progress

Author: railwatch - Published At: Sat 23 of Apr, 2005 14:47 BST - (2617 Reads)
Digging has started in Hackney, east London, on the ventilation shaft for the £3.3billion second phase of the Channel Tunnel fast link.

Help for railfreight

Author: railwatch - Published At: Sun 17 of Apr, 2005 17:55 BST - (2549 Reads)
After a series of handouts to road hauliers and the road lobby in general, the Government has at last done something to help railfreight.

Beware of Bush

Author: railwatch - Published At: Fri 15 of Apr, 2005 14:30 BST - (2366 Reads)
American President George Bush's refusal to ratify the Kyoto treaty was a "declaration of war on the environment" according to Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer.

Victory for local campaign

Author: rdsnews - Published At: Sun 10 of Apr, 2005 11:16 BST - (2715 Reads)
'People power' really does work, as the Totnes Rail Transport Group (TRTG), a member of Railfuture, has shown. Last week TRTG persuaded First Great Western to back-track on their plan to cut station staff on Sundays, after taking the case to the Strategic Rail Authority.
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