TV rail drama

Author: railwatch - Published Thu 29 of Nov, 2001 11:59 GMT - (2736 Reads)
A new film highlighting the problems of rail privatisation is being show on TV on Sunday 2 December.

Railtrack’s future

Author: railwatch - Published Wed 17 of Oct, 2001 22:27 BST - (2623 Reads)
The rail passenger pressure group Railfuture is urging the Government to ensure that a stronger rail industry emerges from the Railtrack crisis.

Rail Future

Author: railwatch - Published Tue 02 of Oct, 2001 11:02 BST - (2646 Reads)
Rail passengers from around Britain get together in London on Saturday 6 October for a conference organised by Railfuture.

Relief at last

Author: railwatch - Published Wed 26 of Sep, 2001 17:43 BST - (2710 Reads)
The threat of a DIY store being built on land at Carlisle which would have blocked expansion of both freight and passenger services between England and Scotland has been lifted.

Passengers dumped

Author: railwatch - Published Wed 26 of Sep, 2001 17:42 BST - (2716 Reads)
A train operator is leaving 150 passengers a day in the lurch by cutting their home-going train.

Wales moves forward

Author: railwatch - Published Tue 18 of Sep, 2001 17:22 BST - (3565 Reads)
Train chiefs will have the chance next week to set out their plans for a dramatic improvement of rail services in Wales.

Bus blues

Author: railwatch - Published Wed 05 of Sep, 2001 20:12 BST - (2759 Reads)
The Strategic Rail Authority is being urged to step in after Arriva was reported to be cutting 80 trains a day in the North-east and replacing them with buses.

Car-free day

Author: railwatch - Published Tue 04 of Sep, 2001 09:34 BST - (2626 Reads)
Even Britain is taking an active part in car-free day this year after the success of the days in other parts of Europe.

Living Streets

Author: railwatch - Published Mon 03 of Sep, 2001 12:47 BST - (2996 Reads)
The Pedestrians' Association which has for years campaigned against the allocation of too much road space to cars and lorries is to change its name to Living Streets.

People first

Author: railwatch - Published Sat 14 of Apr, 2001 14:40 BST - (2846 Reads)
Transport planners are being told by the Government they should in future give priority to people instead of trying to improve the flow of traffic.

Fares must come down

Author: railwatch - Published Mon 09 of Apr, 2001 11:44 BST - (2595 Reads)
Transport Minister Lord Macdonald, who has made a series of concessions to the road lobby - allowing bigger lorries and building more roads - is now telling rail users to go by road or air instead.

Making freight fairer

Author: rdsnews - Published Fri 06 of Apr, 2001 09:08 BST - (3216 Reads)
Railfuture congratulates the Rail Regulator for halving the cost that freight train operators pay Railtrack to use the tracks. This is part of a raft of measures announced yesterday to encourage more freight to be carried by rail.

Passengers shouldn’t pay for rail’s mistakes

Author: rdsnews - Published Thu 05 of Apr, 2001 20:51 BST - (3271 Reads)
Railfuture is very disappointed that today Virgin announced fares increases of nearly 10%. Virgin state that Railtrack’s compensation package is not enough to cover their revenue loss of

New rail freight player

Author: railwatch - Published Sat 31 of Mar, 2001 22:13 BST - (4806 Reads)
A new rail freight operator emerged last week and already it has an eight-year contract to help Railtrack maintain and renew the track.

Anglo-Scottish threat

Author: railwatch - Published Wed 28 of Mar, 2001 15:18 BST - (4022 Reads)
The proposed construction of a DIY store on the trackbed of the former Carlisle avoiding lines would block expansion of both freight and passenger services between England and Scotland.

Rail victims remembered

Author: railwatch - Published Wed 28 of Mar, 2001 13:47 BST - (3309 Reads)
Rail union leaders will plant a tree tomorrow in memory of everyone who has died or been injured in rail accidents.