AGM 2011

Brighton 2011

The following resolutions were passed at Railfuture's 2011 annual general meeting:



1 Engineering work

Railfuture expresses concern that Network Rail engineering work too often necessitates that rail operating companies lay on replacement buses, instead of looking for alternatives. These can include single-line working, diversions, and relaxing restrictions on tickets. When buses are unavoidable, they must be fit for purpose.

Railfuture reiterates its view that compensation should be offered to passengers when their journey times are lengthened because of replacement buses.





2 Fares

Railfuture deplores the continued fare increases at rates above inflation and calls upon the Government to take full account of the significant sums paid to government by the rail industry in taxation, premium payments and revenue share contracts.

Railfuture further expresses deep concern that rising rail fares will deflect many rail passengers onto already congested roads, increasing risk of accidents while reducing chances of meeting government and EU targets for carbon reduction and air quality.

Furthermore, Railfuture calls upon the rail industry to simplify the fares system and to abandon inconsistent and confusing restrictions on the use of off-peak tickets and the practice of charging the full fare in addition to the fare already paid for advance purchase tickets when a passenger has missed the intended train for some reason.





3 Electrification

Railfuture welcomes recent Government announcements on railway electrification, but is disappointed that a long-term rolling programme has not yet been confirmed.

Railfuture urges that a rolling programme of electrification, including both main line routes and regional infill schemes should be planned and implemented without delay, and in particular that electrification of the Midland main line from Bedford to Sheffield and Leeds should be included for completion by the end of this decade.

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Details of the meeting

The annual general meeting was held at the Brighthelm Church and Community Centre, North Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1YD on Saturday 7 May 2011.





Guest Speakers - Morning Session




  • Sam Bryant, Development Officer, Sussex Community Rail Partnership
  • Alexandra Woodsworth, Public Transport Campaigner, Campaign for Better Transport




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