East Anglia South Cambridgeshire Transport Strategy Consultation Response

Railfuture East Anglia have submitted a response to the Transport strategy for Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire consultation.

We welcome the draft strategy and support the planned and potential rail developments described in the document. However there are a number of areas where we would suggest rail could be given a stronger, or more certain role. These are described in more detail in our response.

The response can be downloaded here (PDF download):
The supporting document describing East West Rail options for Cambridgeshire can be downloaded here:

The consultation is open until Monday 30 September 2013. There is a description of the consultation and an on-line survey here:
Anyone interested in the future transport strategy in South Cambridgeshire should fill in this survey which includes two questions related to rail infrastructure:
"Do you have any suggestions on where new transport hubs, such as bus stops, Park and Ride sites and train stations could be located?"
"Please use this section to identify any gaps that you think exist in the strategy."