London 2010 conference

Shoreditch celebration

Britain's Growing Railway

The rail reopenings conference 2010 was held on Saturday 13 November 2010 in Shoreditch Town Hall, London, to celebrate the reopening of the East London Railway earlier in the year, as part of the London Overground network.

You can download a copy of the detailed Shoreditch Conference Programme (pdf 80kb)

Conference Presentations

Ian Brown - recently retired Managing Director, TfL London Rail (pdf file size 4.4mb)

Darren Hockaday - HR Director, London Overground Railway Operations Ltd. (pdf file size 1.4mb)

Jonathan Roberts - former advisor to the East London Line Group (pdf file size 1mb)

David Smith - Rail Planning Manager, ATOC (pdf file size 231kb)

Jim Bamford - Rail Officer, Nottinghamshire County Council (pdf file size 492kb)

Trevor Mason - Principal Engineer, Transport Policy, Hertfordshire County Council (pdf file size 1.6mb)

Patrick O'Sullivan - Project Manager, East-West Rail Consortium (pdf file size 829kb)