The Great Northern Great Eastern line (GNGE), which connects Peterborough, Lincoln and Doncaster, plays a key role in transporting freight across the UK. Currently, freight trains have to cross the East Coast Main Line at Werrington to access the GNGE. This causes delays to passenger services and restricts capacity. Network Rail are exploring two methods of moving these trains on to the GNGE, including:

  • A flyover which passes over the existing line
  • A dive-under which passes underneath the existing East Coast Main Line
If proposals are approved work is expected to start in early 2017 and be completed in early 2019. This will increase capacity on the ECML, reduce journey times for both passengers and freight, improve reliability and reduce the risk of delays.

As well as improving Werrington Junction, Network Rail have been upgrading the GNGE line, which travels north through Spalding and Lincoln. This has benefits for local passengers as well as freight.

The exhibition of Network Rail's proposals is being held at Hodgson Community Centre in Hodgson Avenue, in Werrington on Friday, 20 June from 4pm to 8pm and Saturday 21 June from 3pm to 6pm. Network Rail are also conducting an online consultation until 21st July.