Nus and Tom discussed transport investment and electrification and said "We were impressed with the investment and ambition for London Bridge, but there is more to do. We need to improve services on the Uckfield line and we are working with local rail user groups and Railfuture to keep up the pressure on delivering improved services."

The priorities for the Uckfield Line are:

1 – longer trains for more capacity
2 – fill timetable gaps eg earlier Sunday morning services
3 – improve journey-times and reliability eg electrification, new signalling
4 – improve connectivity ie extend Uckfield line to Lewes and Sussex coast
5 – increase service frequency ie re-doubling track
6 – strategic solution for long-term Brighton Main Line capacity growth

Railfuture welcome the backing of Nus and Tom for our campaign for improved rail services on the Uckfield line, reopening of the line between Uckfield and Lewes, and a strategic solution for capacity on the Brighton Main Line.

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