The design of new railway stations is being examined at a series of workshops organised by Network rail and the Design Council.

Community groups, industry experts and other “stakeholders” are invited to give innovative ideas of what future stations should look like as part of ThinkStation – a series of 11 workshops from November to January. 
The workshops are being run by the Design Council and follows earlier collaboration with Network Rail to help develop their Principles of Good Design.

The idea is to put passengers first in any future station designs.

Each ThinkStation workshop will concentrate on one specific design principle and how it can be used in station design.

Think Station workshops will take place in London, Manchester, Bristol and Glasgow. They will aim to get people involved in interactive design sessions.

The workshop sessions will include a range of speakers, icluding broadcaster and transport historian Tim Dunn, and disability and gender equity advocate Dr Hannah Barham-Brown.
If you would like to take part in the free sessions, please express your interest here

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