A car which uses both battery and petrol for power has been named Car of the Year by the Environmental Transport Association.

The Green Apple Awards go to manaufacturers whose cars limit the damage they inflict on the environment. The Car of the Year award went to the Honda Insight.

The ETA's Car Buyers' Guide which was launched at the same time as the awards helps people make an informed car purchase, listing the environmental credentials of over 500 car models.

"The green motorist is demanding that manufacturers offer vehicles which have less impact on the environment, " said ETA managing director Andrew Davis.
"To remain a major player in the volume car market a motor company will have to provide models which green motorists will buy."

Of course, Railfuture has a slightly different vision.

In an ideal world, people would walk, cycle and go by bus and tram to their local rail station. But if people really need to use a car to get to the station, they should at least try to minimise the effect their action is having on other people.

The ETA Car Buyer's Guide costs