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Railfuture publishes two national newsletters which can be downloaded (including back issues).
Railwatch - quarterly national magazine:www.railwatch.org.uk
Rail User Express - monthly update from rail user groups: www.railfuture.org.uk/Rail+User+Express.


RailEast is Railfuture East Anglia's quarterly magazine.

PDF copies can be downloaded below.

Latest edition
Recent editions and covers

RailEast 202: June 2024
  • Case for Haverhill rail service
  • Rail replacement bus to Stansted
  • Peterborough station audit
  • South Cambs Ecotourism
  • Bacon Factory Chord anniversary
  • West Anglia Mainline timetable
  • East West Rail timescales
  • St Neots station on EWR route?
  • Waterbeach station rethink?
  • Making a start on Wisbech rail

RailEast 201: February 2024
  • Cambridge South station
  • Station usage for 2022/23
  • LNER potential fare rise shock
  • Peterborough ‘Station Quarter’
  • Norfolk County Council rail policy
  • New thinking on train timetables
  • 20th station adoption awards
  • Farewell to John Drake

RailEast 200: November 2023
  • 12-page “New Geography for East Anglia” proposals from Railfuture for the railway up to 2050
  • Fall-out from government cancellation of HS2 phase 2 and abandonment of ticket office closures
  • How Network Rail’s “West Coast South Strategic Advice” study affects East Anglia
  • Attend our Cambridge public meeting: find out from Network Rail about Cambridge South station
  • Timetable changes at last— what still needs fixing?

RailEast 199: September 2023
  • Potential impact on travellers from station staffing changes
  • What TVMs currently can’t do
  • East West Rail to Cambridge — why Railfuture supports route
  • Essex missing rail link
  • A metro for Greater Norwich
  • Improving the railway’s environmental credentials
  • East Anglia rail news round-up

RailEast 198: June 2023
  • How signalling holds the key to unlocking vital capacity in region
  • Peterborough station as a hub
  • Half-hourly services in the east
  • Timetable changes reviewed
  • Improving e-ticketing in region
  • Attractive station environments
  • Bi-modes exploiting the wires
  • Case for Long Stratton station
  • Peter Lawrence RIP

RailEast 197: February 2023
  • Railfuture’s proposals for better rail services up to the 2050s
  • Cambridge cross-city rail
  • Funding pay rises to end strikes
  • New stations on their way
  • Family-Friendly Trains campaign
  • Station annual footfall 2021/22
  • Cambridge congestion charge
  • Station car parking hassles
  • Soham “a soaring success” but single track stifles rail demand

RailEast 196: December 2022
  • Train operator inflexibility
  • Changes to car park payments
  • East West Rail—it must happen
  • Community Rail Partnerships
  • Thurston station building
  • Transport East Summit
  • Helpful ticket vending machines
  • New station information displays
  • Rail fares versus air fares—fair?
  • Are bus cuts a sign of doom?

RailEast 195: September 2022
  • Improvements at key stations
  • 2021 census — what it means
  • Treasury view of railway finances
  • GTR timetable changes
  • Bittern Line station proposal
  • Tram-Trains for line reopenings?
  • Promoting active travel — part 2
  • Raising a glass to rail freight
  • 2022 disruption follows 2020/21
  • Barry Moore—1941-2022

RailEast 194: June 2022
  • Active Travel
  • Home to train time reductions
  • March station improvements
  • May 2022 timetable review
  • Wickham station house award
  • Station footbridges
  • Haverhill and Wisbech re-openings
  • Car parking charges by the hour
  • Chair, the Desk and the Window
  • East West Rail Strategic Advice

RailEast 193: February 2022
  • Soham station opening
  • Cambridge South public inquiry
  • GA Class 720 trains reviewed
  • Station footfall during COVID-19
  • Railfuture’s Strategic Review
  • Essex greener & healthier travel
  • Transport East’s 30-Year Plan
  • Dead hand versus guiding mind
  • Ely Area Capacity Enhancements
  • East Anglia local rail news

RailEast 192: December 2021
  • Re-purposing station assets
  • South Cambridgeshire village stations see improvements
  • Railfuture‘s response to second Ely Area Consultation
  • How the railway serves Ipswich (plus line’s 175th anniversary)
  • Overcoming HGV driver shortage
  • Network Rail guest speaker at Railfuture’s Cambridge meeting

RailEast 191: September 2021
  • In-depth analysis of flexi-season
  • Leisure travel makes a come back
  • Car park flexible charging
  • Cambridgeshire transport solution
  • Sub-National Transport Bodies
  • Decarbonisation
  • Dangers of supplier lock-in
  • East Anglia rail news round-up
  • 175 years of Ipswich-Bury trains
  • Guided busway 10th anniversary

RailEast 190: June 2021
  • What GBR means for rail users and long-term development
  • Joining up Norfolk
  • Two years of GA’s new trains
  • Minor station developments
  • How election results may affect the region’s railway
  • Wrong railway priorities?
  • Rail-bus integration
  • Ipswich rail history

RailEast 189: March 2021
  • Solving the Ely capacity problem
  • Annual station usage figures
  • Greater Anglia timetable consultation
  • Resignalling Cambridgeshire
  • Railways of North Essex and the"Sunshine Coast"
  • East West Rail meets Cambridge
  • Train info screen updates
  • Freeport East

RailEast 188: December 2020
  • Cambridge South Consultation
  • Role of Network Rail’s sponsor
  • Passenger Information Systems
  • Focus on Peterborough
  • Cambridge Access consultations
  • COVID-19: What about revenue?
  • Restoring Your Railway bids
  • Decarbonisation: Wise up and wire up
  • CAM conceptual designs review

RailEast 187: September 2020
  • RSSB says train risks very low
  • Danger: Passengers stay away!
  • COVID-19: Good and bad action
  • Fen Line upgrade sees finish line
  • Full steam ahead for Wisbech
  • Ely Area Capacity Enhancement
  • Brandon station building listed
  • Community Rail Partnerships
  • More on Easy Stations project
  • Great Yarmouth freight link

RailEast 186: June 2020
Impact of COVID-19 on railway; The post COVID-19 railway; Major shift in transport policy? Ely Area Capacity Enhancement; Station Improvements; Overcrowding and mitigation; Cambs Autonomous Metro; Norfolk Transport Consultations; Challenges of a railway manager

RailEast 185: February 2020
East West Rail - Progress at last! Look back over last 10 years - What we expect in the next 10; Cambridge South consultation; Station footfall for 2018/19; Easy Stations — the winners; A giant leap for train technology; Whittlesford audit improvements

RailEast 184: November 2019
Winter timetables reviewed;Smartcard roll-out in East Anglia;Developing Norfolk’s railway;Sizewell C rail opportunities;Fen Line platform extensions;Werrington freight ‘dive under’;Railfuture consultation response to Cambridgeshire and Peterborough LTP; Frustrations when campaigning for rail — fighting the system

RailEast 183: September 2019
Overcrowding on board trains; Attracting passengers to rail; Ely bridge bashes continue; Resolving fare anomalies; Railfuture ‘Easy Stations’ project; Car parking charges; Advice for new rail minister; Longer trains on Fen Line soon

RailEast 182: June 2019
Railfuture says work together for a better railway for all;Putting passengers first;Making stations accessible;Inspiring tomorrow’s travellers;Community Rail Partnerships;Rebuilding Sheringham station;Speeding up rural line services;Timetable changes Mark 2;Hunstanton reopening campaign

RailEast 181: February 2019
Our railway ‘saved’ 36 years ago;Putting passengers first;East Stations” - a checklist;Passenger footfall 2017/18;Cambridge station east entrance;Sizewell C needs the railway;Bedford-Cambridge consultation;East West Rail in East Anglia;Network Rail plans for Soham;Mid-Norfolk comes to the rescue

RailEast 180: November 2018
Restoring confidence in rail travel; Timetable improvement needed; Cross Country—5 wasted years?; Station step-free access; Cambridge station—what next?; Dementia-friendly railway; Being a station adopter; New trains—who are Stadler?; Rail freight in East Anglia

RailEast 179: September 2018
New timetable brings chaos, Accessibility at stationMore passengers wanted at Cambridge North station; Modern ticket machines; Ticketing anomalies; East Midlands franchise; Rejuvenating Great Yarmouth; Whittlesford Area Masterplan; Bad weather railway; Felixstowe capacity works; Werrington ‘dive under’

RailEast 178: June 2018
New timetable: new services; Network Rail breaks exciting; news at Railfuture meeting; Latest on East West Rail; Mid-Anglia route - upgrade?; Wisbech reopening progress; Essex rail strategy; Greater Norwich transport plan; Latest on fares & ticketing

RailEast 177: February 2018
Train fares rising too much? Illogical fare differences; Understandable tickets; Ticket machine usability; Improving customer service; Station usage figures; Railfuture Review of 2017; Seamless travel report; Cambridgeshire Hubs; Reconnecting communities; Rail freight for the future; Lorry platooning - is it mad?

RailEast 176: November 2017
New trains for East Anglia - Great Northern 700s, Waterbeach station, Cambridge North, Improving access at Needham Market Station, Shelford station audit, Cambridge wins large station of the year, Whittlesford Parkway, Meldreth, Shepreth and Foxton Community Rail Partnership, Meeting the needs of passengers in North Essex, Smart Ticketing, Seamless Travel project, East West Rail, Wherry Lines resignalling, Hunstanton station, Wisbech Reopening update, Chris Starkie at Norwich meeting, Suffolk Rail Conference

RailEast 175: September 2017
Future of electrification; Seamless integrated travel; East West Rail; Wickham Market station; Greater Anglia's New Trains; Second Thameslink Consultation; Norfolk Rail reopening scheme; Railfuture audits Whittlesey; Greater Norwich Local Plan; Cambridge Connect light rail scheme; South Cambridgeshire transport interchange

RailEast 174: June 2017
Cambridge North, New trains for East Anglia, Capacity pinch-points (Ely North Junction and Trowse swing-bridge in Norwich), Railfuture East Anglia's New Chairman, Adoption of Buckenham Station, A light rail system for Cambridge?

RailEast 173: February 2017
Annual review, Wisbech, East Anglia’s major railway ‘Pinch Points’, Hornsey Depot, Jamie Burles presentation, Whittlesford Parkway and Shelford, Anglia Footfall Figures 2015-16, Sizewell Expansion and the East Suffolk Line, Meldreth, Shepreth and Foxton Community Rail Partnership upgrade, Just what might a £2m ‘Smaller Projects’ buy

RailEast 172: December 2016
New Cambridge Ticket Office, New services filling the network, 2018 Thameslink timetable, Meetings and stakeholder events with Abellio, East Anglia rolling stock, Cambridgeshire's 50% student discount, Cross Country franchise extension, Plans for new station at Dussindale, Beccles station, Abellio cycling award, Steven Ashling's Network Rail insight into future railway signalling, Easy stations awards

RailEast 171: September 2016
Abellio win East Anglia Franchise with record number of new trains, Whittlesford Parkway, London-Stansted-Cambridge Corridor Taskforce Report, Cambridge Cycle Point opens, Fourth track to be restored on the East Coast Main Line, Might a Mayor unlock rail potential, Whittlesford and Manea, Presentation about East Anglia by Network Rail's Steve Hooker.

RailEast 170: June 2016
Steve Wilkinson - former East Anglia Branch Secretary and Chairman, Wisbech plans well advanced, Rail Haverhill progress, Cambridge Light Rail, Abellio Greater Anglia’s Train and Station refurbishment, East West Rail Link Central Section, Tendring Area Developments, Meldreth, Shepreth and Foxton Stations Audit, ‘Easy Stations’ challenge, Felixstowe, East Midlands Re-franchising, Stevenage for Scotland? Cambridge Cruiser to get Class 387s, Mid Anglia Rail Passengers Association, Honoured at Halesworth

RailEast 169: February 2016
Branch Annual Report 2015, Kings Dyke crossing, Cambridge North Section 106, New trains on Great Northern, Saving station buildings, East Suffolk Travellers' Association, Commemorative Seats, Meldreth station master retires, Abellio Greater Anglia service reliability, East Anglia footfall figures, Newmarket station improvements.

RailEast 168: December 2015
Greater Anglia service collapse, Cambridge's stations, Network Rail project pauses, D-Train project, East Anglia franchise ITT, Hereward Community Rail Partnership, Meldreth, Shepreth and Foxton Rail User Group, Class 700 trains for Thaemslink, ESTA Anniversary Events, Ian Brown Guest Speaker at Norwich meeting, Rail User Groups.

RailEast 167: September 2015
Newark conference report, Crossrail, East Anglia Franchise, March to Wisbech progress, EWRL Bedford to Cambridge announcement, Haverhill campaign, Cambridge station upgrade, East Suffolk Travellers' Association 50th Birthday, Vivarail D-78 conversion project, Railfuture passenger group, Thameslink, The railway balance sheet

RailEast 166: June 2015
Campaign to Reconnect Haverhill to Cambridge, Cambridge City Deal, Foxton crossing, Shepreth ramp, Great Eastern Mainline makeover, Anglia update, East Anglia freight developments, Hourly Sunday service to Lowestoft, Govia meets Cambridge University Railway Club, National AGM, Soham to Ely double tracking, History of the East Suffolk Travellers Association, East Anglia bidders.

RailEast 165: February 2015
Chairman's Annual report, Cambridge Science Park station, Cross Country ideas, East Anglia station footfall, EWRL progress, 50% Student Rail Discount, On-train Wifi.

RailEast 164: December 2014
Network Rail Anglia Route Study, Greater Anglia franchise consultation, Jamie Burles Greater Anglia Managing
Director about the franchise, Travel via Harwich International Port, East Suffolk Travellers' Association survey, Medreth, Shepreth and Foxton Rail Users Group survey, Cambridge Science Park, Brandon, Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Cambridshire Infrastrucure Project updates, Wisbech Rail Reopening, East West Rail Conference, Suffolk Rail Conference, Virgin and Stagecoach win new East Coast Franchise, Railfuture's Future.

RailEast 163: September 2014
Govia Thameslink Railway and Great Northern, Class 377s for Kings Lynn, Strong business case for Central Section of East West Rail, Clara Zilahi's memorial bench, Wisbech rail campaign update and plans for Wickham Market station. Issues and campaigns; rail fares, Norwich to Liverpool, Cycles on Train and GA cycle forum. Report on talk by Rob Fairhead from Network Rail, and report on the Railfuture National Conference in Cambridge.

RailEast 162: June 2014
Ipswich Chord opens, Haverhill meeting, Upcoming Cambridge Conference, East Coast franchise aspirations, Greater Anglia franshise extension news, Cambridge Science Park station delay, Station footfall figures, Bus Pass as a railcard trial and Wisbech reopening update report, and Cambridgeshire long term transport strategy, Felixstowe to Ipswich, Great Yarmouth bus link, East West rail, Govia win the TSGN franchise.

RailEast 161: February 2014
Chairman's Annual Report, First Capital Connect train refurbishment, Peterborough rail replacement buses and remodelling, Manea service transformation, Wisbech Wider Economic benefits study commissioned, Cambridge station redevelopment plans, Prototype refurbished Class 317, Frinton-on-Sea passenger count, Ipswich chord, Cambridge Science Park station and East West Rail updates, Audley End to Saffron Walden by train and bus

RailEast 160: December 2013
Halesworth Station Footfall Count 2013; Saffron Walden bus connections to Audley End; Cambridge station rebuild; Greater Anglia Station ticket office opening hours; Peterborough station progress; Manea service improvements; Bittern Line Partnership; East West Rail developments; Felixstowe branch-double trouble; Wisbech Rail Reopening phase 2 study; Meldreth, Shepreth and Foxton Community Rail Partnership.

RailEast 159: September 2013
Wisbech Rail Reopening Campaign petition presentation. A14 sirens, the branch committee view. Norwich to Cambridge, hub to hub.

RailEast 158: June 2013
Re-connecting Wisbech to the rail network; Unacceptable route closures; Cambs/Peterborough long-tern plans; East Anglia station footfall figures

RailEast 157: February 2013
Great Eastern aspirations; East West Rail progress update; East Suffolk future; Haverhill reopening; GA Franchise commitments; Rail fares out of control

RailEast 156: November 2012
Meldreth, Shepreth and Foxton RUG wins award; Halesworth passenger count; Behind the scenes of Ely-Norwich signalling

RailEast 155: September 2012
New footbridge at St Neots; Rail prospectus for East Anglia; East Coast and Thameslink/GN franchise consultations

RailEast 154: June 2012
King's Cross concourse; Station patronage figures; Beccles loop; Foxton level crossing; Ely freight loops

RailEast 153: February 2012
40th anniversary of East Anglia branch; Peterborough station revamp (platform diagrams)

RailEast 152: November 2011
Abellio awarded interim Greater Anglia franchise; cable theft and disruption to Rail services

RailEast 151: September 2011
Report concludes that reopening Soham railway station is feasible; Whitemoor open day

RailEast 150: June 2011
Looking back on 150 editions of RailEast; why the branch supports HS2; the need for Chesterton station; franchise aspirations

RailEast 149: February 2011
Timetable changes, service improvements and longer trains; Overcrowing at London terminals; Ely-Norwich signalling go-ahead

RailEast 148: November 2010
Preview of NXEA's new Class 379 trains; Beccles loop on target for 2012; station surveys by Railfuture

RailEast 147: September 2010
Passenger Focus' survey "What passengers want from the new Greater Anglia franchise"; Ely to Norwich resignalling; Barrington freight traffic could resume

RailEast 146: June 2010
Greater Anglia franchise consultation; Hitchin Flyover progress; Soham station; East Anglia station footfall 2008/9

RailEast 145: February 2010
Rail review of 2009 and hopes for 2010; Beaulieu Park station; 'right-time' punctuality

RailEast 144: December 2009
NR's proposed timetable for the East Coast Main Line; Chesterton station plans; branch meeting with Cambs County Council

RailEast 143: September 2009
Passenger Focus Rail Satisfaction Survey; How to get Senior Railcard discounts; ATOC Connecting Communities report

RailEast 142: June 2009
Big Infrastructure Plans for West Anglia Route; Network Rail plans for Control Period 4

RailEast 141: February 2009
Railfuture's relaunched East West Rail Link campaign; Swiss travel experience compared to East Anglia

RailEast 140: November 2008
FCC plans to ease overcrowding on Cambridge-King's Cross route; St. Neots station "reborn".

RailEast 139: September 2008
Platform extension work for 12-coach trains at Cambridge commences; Chiltern's EWRL plans for London-Oxford via Bicester.

RailEast 138: June 2008
Vision of the railway in 2057; Network Rail leases Brandon staiton its 'Friends'; Norfolk Rail Alliance.

RailEast 137: January 2008
Publication of Greater Anglia RUS final report; 'one' becomes National Express East Anglia; Sheringham level crossing.

RailEast 136: September 2007
Branch reports to Stansted Airport Strategy, and airport gets more trains; Stagecoach wins East Midlands franchise.

RailEast 135: June 2007
Network Rail issues its Regional Strategy; FCC consults on timetable changes; East Coast franchise renewal.

RailEast 134: February 2007
FCC plans to tackle overcrowding; Objection to relocation of Lowestoft station; Cambs County Council may pull out of EWRL scheme.

RailEast 133: November 2006
Whittlesey station passenger counts; need for canopies at Cambridge station; call for Thameslink Programme to be funded.

RailEast 132: September 2006
To be added

RailEast 131: June 2006
East West Rail Link on 'tipping point' of go-ahead. Aylesbury North station is funded.

RailEast 130: February 2006
Cambridge to St.Ives guided busway recomended by inspector and approved by Secretary of State.

RailEast 129: November 2005
To be added

RailEast 128: September 2005
To be added

RailEast 127: June 2005
To be added

RailEast 126: February 2005
To be added

RailEast 125: November 2004
To be added

RailEast 124: September 2004
To be added

RailEast 123: June 2004
St.Ives guided busway gets 2,730 objections. Planning for Ipswich tunnel closure.

RailEast 122: February 2004
To be added

RailEast 121: November 2003
To be added

RailEast 120: August 2003
SRA issues revised tender documents to the three bidders: GB Railways, Arriva and National Express; CAST.IRON plans railway reopening

RailEast 119: May 2003
March yard to reopen as major depot; Thameslink 2000 refused permission.

RailEast 118: February 2003
SRA calls on rail user groups to work from within; no funding (yet) for guided busway; FGE's new trains.

RailEast 117: October 2002
Cambridge-Norwich service launched; Community Rail Partnership for Gainsborough Line; Blockade strategies for railway renewals; Camridge guided busway plans advance.

RailEast 116: June 2002
Nine bidders for Greater Anglia franchise; LOIS - A12 multi-modal study possible schemes announced; Suffolk rail passenger policy; STEER rail proposals.

RailEast 115: February 2002
SRA publishes the Strategy for the Railways; "A Rail Strategy for East Anglia" 10 years on.

RailEast 114: November 2001
Wanted - A National Rail Policy; SRA's Richard Stuart at Branch Meeting.

RailEast 113: August 2001
CHUMMS report issued; A47 study announced.

RailEast 112: June 2001
To be added

RailEast 111: February 2001
To be added

RailEast 110: November 2000
To be added

RailEast 109: September 2000
To be added

RailEast 108: May 2000
To be added

RailEast 107: February 2000
To be added