Information for Campaigners

Rail dates

Key dates for rail campaigners eg consultations

Inspiration for campaigners

How to make your campaign successful!

Cash for campaigners

If you need cash to support your pro-rail campaign, Railfuture's Fighting Fund may be able to help. Preference is given to Railfuture branches and affiliated organisations such as Rail User Groups.

Local groups for campaigners

  • Around 300 local rail user groups across England, Scotland and Wales.
  • Community rail activities under the auspices of ACoRP (Association of Community Rail Partnerships).

Other campaign organisations

  • Campaign for Better Transport the new name for Transport 2000
  • GrumpNow is a free mobile app that gives passengers a way to quickly, easily and constructively vent their frustration about public transport.

Transport bodies

View or download a list of national and regional passenger bodies (614kb PDF. Aug 2018)

Useful statistics