Railfuture is campaigning to reinstate the Uckfield to Lewes railway line, which will create an additional through route between the Sussex coast and London. The benefits will be to improve travel opportunities between east Surrey, west Kent, the Weald and the coastal communities of Sussex, support the regeneration of Newhaven, and provide additional network capacity between the South Coast and London to help relieve the Brighton Main Line.

Our approach is to create an affordable proposal for a minimum specification railway which will capture the benefits outlined above without being dependent on additional network capacity in East Croydon or London, and be deliverable within a decade.

A new business case will look at all the possible solution options to identify which solution will be the most viable and can be funded soonest, so that a positive business case can be established which all potential stakeholders will promote.

See Uckfield Lewes campaign for opportunities to improve the business case.

View a copy of the Modern Railways advertisement.