The North Somerset Railway which had plans to reinstate the Radstock-Frome line has been evicted from its base within the old railway station/goods area by Bath and North East Somerset Council and the Norton and Radstock Regeneration Company.

Although the railway had letters of intention from both the land owners and the old local authority (Wansdyke), these "gentlemen’s agreement letters" proved worthless at the end of the day. The railway planned to build a station in the heart of Radstock which is now a satellite town for commuters to Bath, Bristol and Frome.

Between the hours of 07.00 and 09.30 and 15.00 and 18.30 the town centre is near to grid lock as the four roads into the town have cars and buses fighting to gain access to the mini roundabout system that controls the town centre.

The town of Radstock is steeped in history of its once thriving mining industry, but all that physically remains is a wheel in the town centre and a museum both of which are within 60 yards of the proposed station.

The land that the railway has been evicted from is now earmarked for either housing, or a supermarket. The regeneration company is steeped in secrecy. The directors’ identities are known but they have been unavailable for comment or open to negotiation on any of the matters concerning the railway and the future of its operation.

At a recent meeting over 100 local people turned up to hear the dreadful news. Not only have they been evicted, and forced find a home for their Thomas Hill Vanguard locomotive but they now face a legal bill in excess of