Over 1,500 prospectuses for the project to reopen the railway to Keswick have been despatched and applications are still steadily flowing in. After a lull for Christmas and the New Year, good progress is being made again with over 350 applications received to date. Certificates are being issued in batches twice each month.

An application for Rail Passenger Partnership funding for the Keswick line has been submitted to the Strategic Rail Authority, at their invitation. The strength of support for the bond offer has apparently made a good impression - far more than any petition could have done. People sending us cheques to "get on with the job" sends a very powerful message indeed!

Allerdale Borough Council (whose area includes Keswick) recently formally declared its support for the reinstatement project, subject to some comments about the foot and cycle path.

Cumbria County Council has indicated it may review its position in the near future. At present its policy is to provide "non-financial assistance" only.

For the second consecutive year, the Railway Development Society has awarded a grant to this project to help offset some of the legal costs of the bond offer. This helps channel more of bond holders' funds into the real project work, rather than administration. All such contributions are very welcome as the legal and accounting work to get to this position have absorbed about