The Railway Development Society has been campaigning for years for the railway track to be reopened between Bangor and Caernarfon. A train service would help the residents of Caernarfon - one of the most deprived towns in Wales - to seek jobs and travel around without a car, boost tourism in the town by creating a direct link from Chester and other places, and help to cut traffic and air pollution in the town.

The scheme took a step forward last year when consultants reported to Gwynedd county council that the scheme would cost just £14million - a pittance compared with even minor road schemes.

But the Assembly's new Transport Framework for Wales does not include the Caernarfon line as a strategic improvement to the Welsh transport system.

Neither does it mention proposals to reopen the railway between Gaerwen and Llangefni, in order to give another regionally important town direct access to the rail network.

Dave Sallery of Railfuture North Wales said: We welcome the Assembly's commitment to reopening the Ebbw Vale and Barry to Bridgend lines in south Wales to improve the economic conditions there, but Caernarfon and Llangefni are also suffering severe deprivation and their need for train services is equally great.

We are especially disappointed that the Caernarfon line has been ignored so soon after a favourable consultants' report. This should be a prime candidate for Objective 1 funding but it seems that the Assembly is determined to keep Caernarfon in the slow lane for many more years to come.

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