Railfuture Expenses Claims

Railfuture is an active organisation that campaigns throughout Britain. It has a national board of directors, whose members are based across Britain. Although everyone is unpaid, out of pocket expenses are paid to individuals to attend meetings and events on behalf of Railfuture.

Everyone is encouraged to keep their expenses as low as possible so that funds can be used for productive campaigning. Railcards are used by those who have them and advance fares are purchased wherever possible. Accommodation and subsistence is rarely, if ever, claimed.

Email is used rather than postage and telephone where possible. With increasing use of laptops and tablets there is now little justification for people to print papers at meetings (or for their records). Between 2012 and 2016 directors were offered a modest internet and printing monthly allowance (having provided receipts to show that such expense is being incurred) to avoid postage and printing costs, especially for the many papers tabled at board meetings, directors. This allowance has since been abolished as it became unnecessary.

In the interests of openness, the national chairman and vice chairman voluntarily disclosed a full itemised list of their expenses in 2011 and 2012.

In September 2013 the Board decided that to maximise transparency all present and future directors will be subject to compulsory disclosure of expenses, and will not be allowed to remain in office or stand again if they fail to submit a disclosure.

Disclosures are submitted according to guidelines for completing the declaration.

A two-page PDF document can be downloaded for each director by clicking on the links below (on "expenses" to view, or file size to download). They can also be found on the SITEMAP.


Expenses for (titles shown are for May 2017 onwards):


Expenses for (titles shown are for May 2017 onwards):


Expenses for (titles shown are for May 2016 onwards):


Expenses for:


Expenses for:
  • National chairman: Dr David Berman Expenses 102kB
  • National vice-chairman: Chris Page Expenses 290kB
  • Director: Allison Cosgrove Expenses 271kB
  • Director (until May 2014): Andrew MacFarlane Expenses 262kB (ceased to be a director on 10th May 2014)
  • Director: Chris Hyomes Expenses 119kB
  • Director: Jerry Alderson Expenses 357kB
  • Director: Ian Brown Expenses 265kB
  • Director: Philip Shelton Expenses 226kB
  • Director: Roger Blake Expenses 270kB
  • Director: Wendy Thorne Expenses 263kB
  • Director: Chris Fribbins Expenses 263kB


Expenses for:
  • National chairman: Dr David Berman Expenses 103kB
  • National vice-chairman (until Nov 2013): Jerry Alderson Expenses 383kB
  • National vice-chairman (from Nov 2013): Chris Page Expenses 248kB
  • Director: Roger Blake Expenses 88kB
  • Director: Allison Cosgrove Expenses 92kB
  • Director: Chris Fribbins Expenses 88kB
  • Director: Christopher Hyomes Expenses 89kB
  • Director: Andrew MacFarlane Expenses 88kB
  • Director: Philip Shelton Expenses 91kB


Expenses for:


Expenses for: