Budget 2015 Uckfield win

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Wed 18 of Mar, 2015 15:13 GMT - (10233 Reads)
Buried in the budget papers today is the statement that the government will provide £100,000 for a further study into reopening the Lewes to Uckfield rail line. This is a major success for our campaign - we will work to steer the scope of the study to capture all the potential benefits.

Norfolk Orbital Railway

Author: Paul Young - Published At: Wed 18 of Feb, 2015 20:15 GMT - (7929 Reads)
There is a practical pro-rail initiative in Norfolk which has long been in preparation and which is now making serious progress.

Paving over tracks

Author: Nick Dibben - Published At: Wed 11 of Feb, 2015 21:49 GMT - (7810 Reads)
The Cambridge Guided Busway scheme opened in 2011 (costing almost twice as much as planned and nearly three years late) uses the former track-bed of two rail routes either side of Cambridge. The photos above, taken from a document produced for Cambs County council by Capita shows the poor state of the busway, after only three years of use, which could cost £30m to repair. Even the bus stops are not cared for (photo Jerry Alderson). Is this really something we want more of?

First Hastings Javelin

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Mon 02 of Feb, 2015 19:11 GMT - (9992 Reads)
Railfuture travelled on the first Javelin, glimpsed at Hastings on Friday with Amber Rudd and Rail Minister Claire Perry, to celebrate progress towards electrification of Marshlink and a high speed service between Bexhill, Hastings, Rye, Ashford and London St Pancras.

Wealden Rail Rally

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Tue 13 of Jan, 2015 18:37 GMT - (6052 Reads)
On the last day of the consultation period for the Network Rail Sussex Route Study Railfuture joined with local parliamentary candidates, councillors and rail campaigners in a Rail Rally at Crowborough station to press for better services and more investment for the Uckfield line.

Cut the cost of rail travel

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Fri 19 of Dec, 2014 10:08 GMT - (10481 Reads)
If you spend more than £36 per month* on off-peak rail travel in the West Midlands, East Anglia, London or the South East then a Gold Card will save you money. Fares will be increasing on 2nd January but yours will go down if you get a Gold Card for Christmas!
* £27 per month if you buy in 2014.

Treasury averts disaster

Author: John Band - Published At: Mon 15 of Dec, 2014 10:01 GMT - (7799 Reads)
This is how Britain’s Treasury saves transport projects from disaster.
Things were so much easier in the old days. One of Sydney's trams in 1960. Photograph by Ian Brady.
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