Cut the cost of rail travel

Author: Chris Page - Published Fri 19 of Dec, 2014 10:08 GMT - (10700 Reads)
If you spend more than £36 per month* on off-peak rail travel in the West Midlands, East Anglia, London or the South East then a Gold Card will save you money. Fares will be increasing on 2nd January but yours will go down if you get a Gold Card for Christmas!
* £27 per month if you buy in 2014.

Class 800 interior

Author: Keith Dyall and Norman Bradbury - Published Mon 01 of Dec, 2014 20:58 GMT - (8795 Reads)
Railfuture representatives Keith Dyall and Norman Bradbury visited the Hitachi IEP mockup, which comprises the cab, part of a first class vehicle with universal toilet and part of a second class vehicle with standard toilet, at DCA Design, Warwick.

Northern saviour?

Author: Chris Page - Published Mon 01 of Dec, 2014 11:36 GMT - (7359 Reads)
Northern Rail needs new diesel trains to replace Pacers and increase capacity sooner than lines can be electrified, but manufacturers have been unwilling to supply them - until now.

Your view on rail police

Author: Chris Page - Published Fri 03 of Oct, 2014 15:44 BST - (2964 Reads)
What matters to you?

British Transport Police is committed to getting you home safe, secure and on time. In setting their policing priorities for next year, they want to hear your views and find out about what matters to you while using the railway or the London Underground network.

Please answer the BTP survey by 31st October at www.btp.police.uk/survey.aspx.

Pubsect franchises

Author: Jerry Alderson - Published Tue 30 of Sep, 2014 22:45 BST - (11201 Reads)
London Overground train (operating as a concession granted by Transport for London) arriving at South Acton station.

Northern double whammy

Author: Chris Page - Published Tue 26 of Aug, 2014 19:30 BST - (11415 Reads)
It could be argued that the subsidy quoted by the Department for Transport for passengers on Northern Rail services is helping to pay for infrastructure development such as Reading station, recently opened by the Queen but shown here under construction.

National Express keep c2c

Author: Chris Page - Published Fri 27 of Jun, 2014 21:00 BST - (4436 Reads)
The Department for Transport announced today that National Express has won the Essex Thameside franchise competition, retaining c2c and so avoiding an unseemly exit from the British rail industry.

Rail for future

Author: Ray King - Published Mon 13 of Feb, 2006 10:54 GMT - (6338 Reads)
Amtrak's City of New Orleans train at Kenner, Louisiana, in the 1980s
Picture by John Sita