Railfuture Conferences and Webinars

Railfuture, which is Britain's major pro-rail campaigning organisation, has both national conferences and Webinars. These are open to everyone.

Future Events

Following the ending of COVID-19 restrictions in England, Railfuture has resumed physical meetings, both at national and branch level. The first was the Railfuture Ltd AGM in Birmingham in July 2021. The successful 'Attracting Passengers Back to Rail' Zoom webinar, first staged in October 2020) was repeated in January 2022 to assess progress made by the rail industry (and government) and to see whether rail users' views had changed.

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2022/Bristol (AGM) [link]

  • Sat 16/07/2022 17th Railfuture Ltd AGM
  • Plus presentation of Rail User Group Awards
  • Hosted by Railfuture Severnside branch
  • Social media hashtag (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) for this event: #rfconference
  • Registration from 10:00 with refreshments from 10:30. AGM starts at 11:00. Includes presentation of Railfuture Campaigner of the Year Award, followed by a break for lunch (not at venue). Afternoon session (open to all) has keynote speakers. Close at 15:30
  • Venue: St Michael's Church Centre
    • This venue is modern, attractive and is designed to hold large conferences
    • Room: Large Meeting Room [image]
      • The large meeting room can accommodate up 80 delegates seated cabaret style
    • The Green, Stoke Gifford, Bristol
    • Postcode: BS34 8PD
    • Phone: 0117 969 2486
    • Route: It is five minutes' walk from Bristol Parkway Station
  • Enquiries about the AGM: please email conferences at railfuture.org.uk.
  • The AGM is open to all current members or their proxy - there is no fee to attend.
    • All paperwork was completed on Tue 08/03/2022. It is now too late to include anything for the AGM in the standard mailing with Railwatch.
    • Proxy voting and registering your attendance is now open (click HERE to do so online) and paper forms must be received by the Membership Renewals officer, Lloyd Butler (see details on AGM notice) by Thu 14/07/2022
    • Motions must be received by the Railfuture Ltd Chair, Chris Page (see details on AGM notice) by Sat 02/07/2022
    • Information about how Railfuture is run, including a copy of the Articles of Association, can be found at Railfuture+organisation.
  • Refreshments are complimentary. Lunch, if required, must be purchased in advance [book].
    • The venue does not allow people to eat their own food on the premises.
  • Lunch Prices for Bristol AGM: [book]
    • £10.00 - Standard Lunch


  • Thu 15/09/2022 Turning Point for the Railways
  • Social media hashtag (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) for this event: #rfconference
  • Venue: St George's Centre
    • This venue is modern, attractive and the air-conditioned room chosen is designed to hold large conferences
    • Room: The Hemming Suite
      • This large meeting room can accommodate up 150 delegates depending on layout; Railfuture has chosen a cabaret layout which handles 120 people
    • 60 Great George Street, Leeds
    • Postcode: LS1 3DL
    • Phone: 0113 383 2140
  • Enquiries about the conference: please email conferences at railfuture.org.uk.
  • Sorry but bookings are not being taken yet - please re-visit this website later.

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Terms and Conditions

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Last event

2022/Webinar - RAILFUTURE WEBINAR [link]

  • Wed 12/01/2022 Rail Recovery - how to realise the potential


  • Neil Middleton, Railfuture director and webinar organiser said: "Rail is the safest and most sustainable form of powered transport, and should be quick, comfortable, cost effective and reliable, but to many of us it doesn't seem that way at the moment.
    "Putting aside the cuts caused by the downturn in passengers from current high Covid infection rates and the linked non-availability of rail staff, services have been taken out of the timetable, resulting in longer waits, journeys that then require a change in the middle and, sometimes, an early finish.
    "Moreover, the fares system is yet to properly recognise the 'new normal' with its shift to hybrid working (Railfuture is unimpressed with the Flexi-season ticket).
    "Finally, it seems that rail is not being treated fairly on inflation (3.8% on rail fares in March 2022 and no fuel duty increase in the Autumn 2021 budget.
    "I thank everyone who joined our webinar."

  • Watch a YouTube Icon video (90-minute recording) from the webinar
  • Click [Download] or [Display] for the slides showing results of pre-webinar surey, live poll, images of speakers, Stewart's views, and links (PDF format)
  • Click [Download] or [Display] for the list of questions submitted by audience using Zoom Q&A (PDF format)

  • About the speakers: [Read Speaker Biographies] [Read Views of the Speakers]
  • speakers
  • The session was mainly a Q&A panel; it started with a five-minute update from each of our speakers, shown below
  • Webinar Chair: Christian Wolmar, Railfuture President Twitter Image Facebook Image Wikipedia Image
  • Steve White, Managing Director, Southeastern Twitter Image Facebook Image
  • Suzanne Donnelly, Commercial Director, Great British Railways Transition Team (GBRTT) Twitter Image
  • Stewart Palmer, Vice President and Director, Railfuture
    • Previously Managing Director of South West Trains
  • Ian Brown CBE, Vice President and Policy Director, Railfuture
    • Previously Managing Director of Transport for London Rail

Past events for each year

Up to three national events are held each year. Click on the location to see the details.

2022 Webinar
2021 Birmingham (AGM)
2020 Birmingham (AGM) Webinar
2019 Cardiff (AGM) Darlington Bristol
2018 Edinburgh (AGM) Carlisle Reading
2017 Peterborough (AGM) Leeds Leicester
2016 Milton Keynes (AGM) Scottish Borders Birmingham
2015 Blackpool (AGM) Newark Bristol
2014 Sheffield (AGM) Cambridge London
2013 Durham (AGM) Taunton Oxford
2012 Worcester (AGM) Stirling Birmingham
2011 Brighton (AGM) Bletchley Manchester
2010 Wrexham (AGM) Taunton London
2009 Leeds (AGM) Northallerton Corby
2008 Coventry (AGM) Salisbury London
2007 Preston (AGM) Glasgow Ely
2006 Swindon (AGM) Stoke Reading
2005 Peterborough (AGM) Barry Manchester
2004 Newcastle (AGM) Birmingham
2003 Birmingham Cardiff (AGM) London
2002 Nottingham (AGM) Derby London
2001 Liverpool (AGM) Poole London
2000 Croydon (AGM) London
1999 York (AGM) Walsall Colchester
1998 Shrewsbury (AGM) Cambridge London
1997 Norwich (AGM) Halifax London
1996 Mansfield (AGM) Bicester London
1995 Exeter (AGM) Bathgate London
1994 Lincoln (AGM) Clitheroe London
1993 Ashford (AGM) Maesteg London
1992 Birmingham (AGM) Nottingham London
1991 Edinburgh (AGM) Birmingham
1990 Manchester (AGM) London
1989 Southampton (AGM) London
1988 Leicester (AGM) London
1987 Newcastle (AGM) London
1986 Cardiff (AGM) London
1985 Wakefield (AGM) London
1984 Ely (AGM) London
1983 Crewe (AGM) London
1982 London Reading (AGM)
1981 Sheffield (AGM) London
1980 London Bristol (AGM) Derby Peterborough
1979 Peterborough (AGM)

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